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   West Chester University is currently in the process of developing a new strategic plan known as “Building on Excellence.” The Plan for Excellence intends to allow all stakeholders to voice their thoughts as to where the future of the university lies. A survey will be sent out Nov. 14 and students are encouraged to complete all questions with honest answers. 

    The time is now. We want to see change and to make improvement where we can. The idea for improvement and a new strategic plan was implemented in 2001. It was than updated in 2007 and has just recently been reviewed again since it has always been seen as successful in benefiting our university. 

   For the past year, 32 members of our faculty and staff have been dedicated to composing a strategic plan that will bring forth improvement for the university, students, and our community. The members of the committee have been attending meetings for the past year. 

    The members of the committee find it extremely important that all people have a say. MaryAnn Hammond, a member of the committee and from the Student Health Services, states that “It’s students, faculty, staff; it’s people inside the university, it’s legislatives, it’s parents, the community, you name it.” She, like the other members, wants all persons to be involved so that WCU members can see the desired outcome. 

   The Plan for Excellence has been developed so that students, faculty, and people of the community have the chance to help WCU grow. Hammond says that “anyone who has something to say, your voice will be heard. Everyone who is a stakeholder has a say in where the University will go.” As students, we have the opportunity to be a part of something huge. The first step may be filling out the survey.

  The survey will be sent through e-mail to all stakeholders, and those interested in being a part of the development of the new plan should take some time to thoughtfully answer the questions. The survey will consist of five questions asking for one’s opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of WCU and what should be done differently in order to see the university and students succeed.

  Hammond suggests all stakeholders to “do some careful thinking, put thought into it.” By answering honestly, the committee will be able to gain a clear idea on what sort of improvements should be made in order to benefit the University.

  Once the stakeholders are contacted and the surveys are completed, they will be sent to a group of researchers sometime in December. They are then to find any similar themes, which will provide the committee with a focus on where the university should go. 

  There is a responsibility as students to help make  changes and improvements in an education environment. The committee encourages all stakeholders, anyone involved at WCU and in the community, to take this opportunity to take a hold of what the university is and could be. By answering the survey, it will result in being one step closer to helping the university to grow and to succeed.

      Jen Mika is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalist. She can be reached at JM653231@wcupa.edu. 

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