Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

When I become king of the world things would change. When I’m king of the world, every team would be as exciting to watch as this year’s edition of the Lady Rams basketball team. The cohesiveness of this team as a unit of players singularly focused on the goal of winning a conference championship is unmatched. Their energy level and enthusiasm on the court are both simultaneously inspiring and entertaining to watch.

The Lady Rams have stormed out of the gate starting the season at a perfect 4-0. Senior captain Catherine Andrews is leading this group headlined by herself with 12.3 points per game, and fellow senior Katie Kline’s team leading 15.3 ppg and 8.3 rebounds per game along with Janelle Garber’s 12.4 ppg. This group has the potential to be truly special.

When I’m king of the world, tailgating will be welcomed to West Chester University. The powers that be at Shippensburg University recently moved to allow alcohol in controlled areas prior to home football games. It is time for the administration here to follow suit.

Picture Saturday mornings beginning early as students arrive in droves to the parking lots of Farrell Stadium, and alumni lined as far as the eye can see, tailgating for and enjoying an afternoon of Golden Ram football. Tailgating may even become a nice supplemental revenue stream for the University and its athletic programs if handled properly.

When I’m king of the world, there will be more coaches like Bill Zwaan and Deirdre Kane. Not only are these two coaches at the helms of two of the most successful and developing programs here at West Chester University, but they handle the media with dignity and respect no matter the circumstances.

Coach Kane’s Lady Rams are on the heels of a playoff appearance in 2006 that featured a team with eight freshmen, and has her team selected as the pre-season favorite to challenge for the PSAC East title by her fellow coaches. Zwaan meanwhile has taken the Golden Rams football team to new heights since taking over as head coach in 2004, leading his squad to its school record fourth consecutive playoff appearance, and second PSAC East division championship in his tenure, while winning the PSAC East coach of the year in 2007.

What makes these two leaders of women and men truly special is their demeanor both on and off the court and field of play. It is obvious that both command the respect of their players, but these coaches take those same attitudes with them into the press room. Regardless of circumstances, wins, or losses, these two coaches treat the media cordially and with respect both of the questioners as well as their jobs at hand. The world could use more like them.

When I’m king of the world, Hollinger Field House will feature a student section on the floor of the court at one or both ends under the baskets. Nearly every major NCAA basketball arena in the nation, including the PSAC’s Millersville University put their students up close to the action under the basket. It’s time that West Chester gave their students the opportunity to stand behind a velvet rope under the basket within earshot of visiting opponents on the foul line and the Golden Rams on the bench, to experience what its truly like to attend a college basketball game through the eyes of a student.

When I’m king of the world, tickets to games across the country will be cheap, and maybe, just maybe, those mozzarella cheese topped pretzels would return to the concession stands of Farrell Stadium and Hollinger Field House. Damn were they good.

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