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One standout artist of the West Chester community is film enthusiast Colin McGlinchey. Hailing from the Montgomery County area where he is somewhat of a local legend, McGlinchey has always displayed remarkable enthusiasm for cinematography and all the aspects involved in its production.Having worked in movie-saturated locations such as the local Cineplex and Blockbuster, where he achieved managerial status, McGlinchey has acquired an encyclopedic knowledge of movie trivia and experience. Indeed, a trip to McGlinchey’s residence reveals a film lair that would rival the “bat cave” in terms of memorabilia, furnished with a wall rack of movies and more Johnny Depp collectibles than any mere mortal might possess. Of course, anyone can be a movie aficionado, but it takes a creative mind to develop and produce art through cinema.

Transferring here from Drexel University in Philadelphia last spring as an elementary education major, McGlinchey, a third-year student, has quickly embraced the West Chester community as a source of inspiration. Now striving for a degree in journalism, he spends time at West Chester University’s television station, WCU-TV5, located in the Bull Center. McGlinchey is currently involved in an effort to reformat the campus station by replacing the dreary PowerPoint style slideshow system with more engaging, student-produced commercials for the various clubs and organizations on campus.

In addition, McGlinchey is looking to add a new skit series he has developed to WCU-TV5, entitled “The World’s Worst Roommate.” Performing the duties of writer, director, actor, editor and even cameraman for the series, McGlinchey offers plenty of laughs in this comedic show that relates to anyone who has lived in a dormitory. Playing as the world’s worst roommate, ‘Will,’ who is loosely based on an actual roommate he had to live with, McGlinchey shares his uncanny brand of humor with clever sight gags and some memorable, unpredictably silly bits.

“The World’s Worst Roommate” series can be found in its entirety on Will Ferrell’s web site,, where a few episodes have received over 1,000 views. With the first five episode season of the series complete, McGlinchey and his crew are already in the development process for the next season, where he hopes to raise the bar and continue supplying loads of laughs on a weekly basis.

This past Halloween, McGlinchey helped produce an interview sketch, showcasing West Chester University students in costume. McGlinchey dressed virtually identical to “The Office’s” Dwight Schrute, McGlinchey helps conduct interviews with the various characters found throughout the community on Halloween night, among them E.T. the Extraterrestrial and Winnie the Pooh. This production, entitled “Halloween Hijinks,” which even pays a visit to University President Madeline Wing-Adler’s residence, is likely to air on WCU-TV5 by the end of the week.

When he is not on the set of his latest project or developing a new script, McGlinchey is sharing his informed opinions on the latest Hollywood offerings in The Quad. He has written reviews for various films, albums and television shows.

And if he still is not occupied with his foray into journalism, McGlinchey is likely to be found jamming on the bass back home with his band, Miles to Go. An integral member of this three-piece punk-pop ensemble, McGlinchey tours the Montgomery area playing small, intimate gigs for friends and for fun. During the band’s show, McGlinchey showcases his creative skill, ad-libbing a whimsical tale during the intermission which the band cleverly entitles “story time.”

Colin McGlinchey is a veritable cinematic Renaissance man and artist, whether he conveys his ideas through the films he directs and acts in, the literature he writes, or the music he plays. Look for his work online and on West Chester University’s own WCU-TV5 channel.

Gabe Antonello is a third-year student majoring in secondary education. He can be reached at

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