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If Eisley were a place, itʼd be a fairyland inhabited by pixies. Although theyʼve derived their name from the space port in the original “Star Wars” movie, Eisley is not a place, but a band, and an impressive one, at that. Eisley consists of four DuPree siblings as well as bassist Jon Wilson, their neighbor in Tyler, Texas. It includes guitarist and vocalist Sherri and her younger sister Stacy on vocals and keyboard. Guitarist Chauntelle and drummer Weston make up the rest of this whimsicalsounding band. Their album Room Noises was released Feb. 8 of this year, but their first song, “Marvelous Things,” was written years ago when Stacy was at the tender age of eight. This bandʼs sound has been compared to Sixpence None The Richer and the Cranberries. Influences include Radiohead, the Beatles, Bjork, and Pink Floyd. Their beautiful and simple lyrics have dainty folk-indie vocals to complement.

Room Noises is easy on the ears but it also evokes wistful feelings of nostalgia. “Brightly Wound” is a throwback to “Peter Pan” and “Neverland” with lyrics like “I shall never grow up/ Make believe is much too fun.” Another childhood-like memory song is “Marvelous Things” with talk of butterflies, magic, fireflies and lyrics like “I followed a rabbit/ through rows of mermaidentwined shrubbery.”

Their Texan upbringing shines through the rhythmic drums and steady vocals in “Golly Sandra.” Carnival-esque is “Plenty of Paper,” with sounds of a clinking aged piano and fast-paced beat that would go perfect with an old-fashioned merry-go-round.

They use words like “motor cars,” “charming” and “eyeglasses,” throwbacks to the past. “Lost at Sea” features a pounding steady piano likened to waves hitting the shoreline. The echoing on the piano sounds as though itʼs underwater.

Eisleyʼs Christian upbringing influenced “Trolly Wood” in that it sounds slightly like a church hymnal complete with clapping, tambourine-slapping and the phrase “Hallelujah!” proclaimed every so often. Itʼs appealing and catchy, no matter what your musical taste.

Eisley may be a new young group of artists, but their songs are reminiscent to earlier times. Theyare bound to have a prominent emotional effect on listenerʼs ears.

Currently, the band is on tour with New Found Glory and Reggie and the Full Effects and will be in Philadelphia at the Trocadero March 29 and 30. For more information on the ensemble, visit their official site at www.

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