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The new changes at West Chester University are clear to anyone who sets foot on the campus and looks around. The two new dorms, Allegheny and Brandywine, are running for the second year, having been completed in the summer of 2009. However, plenty of new tasks have been started this past summer.

The new Student Recreation Center has a target opening set for August 2012, and that will be constructed at the site of the former Ramsey Hall (bottom right).

According to the West Chester University website, “It will incorporate many sustainable elements, from a green roof and a green wall to geothermal heating and cooling and the use of recycled materials for interior finishes.”

There are also wells being dug to expand on the geothermal energy system on campus. Currently there is construction for that taking place behind the tennis courts on Rosedale Ave., on the site of the former L Lot (top right). Because the parking lot is closed for construction, a temporary lot has been opened on the former site of Sanderson Hall (middle right). The wells being installed under L Lot will support the new Rec Center and FHG Library.

Installation of horizontal piping to connect the well field to FHG Library will begin this fall, and the Student Recreation Center will be connected next spring.

One final change taking place is the renovation of the Bull Center. Formerly housing student services, it will soon be occupied by the art, theater and dance departments. The current theatres will remain open and there will be two dance studios added. The estimated opening for this building is August 2011.

Jenn is a fourth-year English education major. She can be reached at JR649299@wcupa.edu.

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