Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Students have now all moved into their new current residence. Maybe students have been there for a couple days, a week or two, or maybe even the whole summer. Whether students are just unpacking their personal belongings into their new room, or have slowly (over time) organized their residences, they are bound to have forgotten a few items. Students who are returning for another school year typically say that they pack up their school supplies into a box to be stored in the basement. Then, upon moving into their new residence at school, students will bring their personal belongings and their boxed school supplies. It is possible that students, new or returning, have forgotten to bring or stock up on school supplies.

Students schould check out the student bookstore, especially if lacking in notebooks, folders or Ram gear. Instead of taking supplies from a roommate, students can visit the bookstore, located on the lower level of Sykes Student Union.

At the bookstore, students can find many of their class textbooks and other items they may need in their room. The bookstore also sells cable cords, surge protectors, medicine, toilet trees, school supplies, Rams gear and much more.

Sykes Student Union is a great place for students to relax, study, or grab a bite to eat. There are couches and lounges located on almost every floor for student use. A computer lab and quiet lounge are on the top floor.

While in Sykes, students can roam the building to find a hang-out spot with friends and a study area. Sykes offers food at Ramshead food court, as well as snacks at Java City coffee. Students can use their meal plan, flex, Ram Bucks, cash and credit cards at these locations.

There is seating available inside and outside the building. Students can study and do work on the top floor if they have a preference for a silent study area. There is a lounge on the third floor as well as the second floor, near the main entrance.

Students can shop at Lawrence Market as an alternative to SSI. Lawrence Market is a convenience store located in the Lawrence Center, which sells many items including grocery items and school supplies. If you forgot to bring a pair of scissors, a stapler with staples, tape or other desk items such as these, check out the Market.

Living in a residence hall is one way students can meet new people. Students can make friends with roommates, hall mates and resident assistants (RAs).

Returning students may have chosen to live in the same residence hall as their friends as one way to stay in contact with friends. Getting to know other residents and floormates gives students a chance to make new friends and meet potential future roommates.

Students also can befriend classmates or become friendly with students who could help advise them with classes, lend help in understanding the course and pair up for group work.

Of course, a professor is a good source of help in understanding the material as well. For extra help, students should visit a professor’s office hours or seek out a tutor for a particular subject. To obtain a tutor, students need to go to the tutoring center, located on the second floor of the Lawrence Center. Students will be assigned a tutor based on the course they need help in.

Another source available for students to use is the Writing Center, which is also located on the second floor of the Lawrence Center. Students can bring their papers to the Writing Center to have a peer review the paper with them and help with the stages of the writing process. This program allows students to receive the help they ask for and to improve their papers.

For instance, students can bring their paper to the writing center to see if their work is written in an organized manner, if it’s written with clarity, and if the paper is supported with information and examples.

The Learning Assistance and Resource Center (LARC) provides programs throughout the school year to help students improve their skills to succeed in college. Programs include helping students with their study habits, time management, stress busters and more.

These programs and dates can be found on fliers hanging in the Lawrence Center and other academic buildings. Students can also go directly to LARC located on the second floor of the Lawrence Center in room 223.

Classmates who are doing the same workload, spending time at the library together can help a student’s understanding of the material covered. Friends make for good study groups or study buddies as long as school work is being discussed.

Students can find out which friends they can go to study areas with in order to do school work. If students find themselves talking about their weekend more than they are discussing school matters, than the friends should spend time together in social settings as oppose to a study area.

It is recommended that students utilize their resources on-campus. In any class, it is best to talk with ones professor early on in the semester for extra help or any clarifications.

Keeping a social area and a study area separate can help students be motivated to do their schoolwork and help them accomplish their academic goals.

Ginger Rae Dunbar is a fourth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at RD655287@wcupa.edu.

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