Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Heather Lewis
Senior, Political Science
HeatherGLewis@yahoo.comIn response to Josh J.’s letter to the editor I had a few statements in reply. His remark that struck me most was the comment, “I’ve never heard a pro-choice democrat condemn a woman to hell just before she crosses through the doors of abortion clinic,” concluding that it is the republicans who are intolerant. With that being said let me now tell you what I experienced in a class discussion. When asked what some of the most important factors I look for in a candidate are, I didn’t hesitate to say that I look for pro-life candidates. I was barraged with comments such as, “but you are a woman!” “How can you give up that right?” How are comments such as those preaching anything about tolerance? Are you saying that because I am a woman I should automatically be pro-choice? Give me a break. Talk about conforming! I am my own woman who has developed my own beliefs. Shouldn’t that be appreciated and isn’t that what the left is claiming to be fighting for; allowing people to form their own beliefs? The moment you tell me to stop fighting for what I believe in and what I deem to be morally correct than you are simply preaching intolerance of my Christian beliefs. Wake up and realize that those of you who preach tolerance and are working to rid the religious right from politics are in fact just as narrow-minded as you claim us to be. But in your words Mr. J, the prejudice of the Christian right, “…that isn’t alienation… it’s just protected speech.” Right?

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