Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

To the Editor:
I want to give my condolences to T. J. Nicolaides on the death of his beloved Y-100.
Now where can honest, God-fearing, modern rock aficionados hear the latest Godsmack single?
The nerve of a business to switch their product “towards African Americans” with a “generic and repetitive” play list picked from a computer instead of a generic and repetitive play list picked by a D.J. for (that’s right, I am going to say it) a white audience.
Can you believe a corporation such as Radio One making a business decision?
I am sure glad that an alternative website has been established to record my signature on an on-line petition. I feel the need to thank the sponsors of Y100rocks.com: Evolution Retail, Dinerware of Philadelphia, Hypno, and Electric Factory Concerts.
At least I can still hear live rock music at the Electric Factory, the Theater of the Living Arts, the Tower Theater, and the Tweeter Center by the Waterfront because they haven’t sold out to big corporations. Except that they are owned by Clear Channel, the largest corporate owner of radio stations in the country.
Clear Channel owns 1200 radio stations and 100 venues in the U.S. compared to Radio One’s 69 radio stations.
In Philadelphia the “orphaned” Y-100 listeners can turn to 94.1 WYSP, one of 180 stations owned by Infinity Broadcasting, or 93.3 WMMR, one of four stations in Philadelphia and 19 nationwide owned by Greater Media. The company also owns Mix 95.7, which could “become a second version of Y-100.” (T. J., are your fingers crossed like mine?)
So, “will radio be able to survive the fallout” as Nicolaides asks.
I think it fell a long time ago. The music might be different but the formula is the same.Bill Donohue

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