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On Friday April 16, the LGBTQA hosted their fourth Annual Drag show with the help of Sykes After Dark and their host of the event Ant. Ant is a previous winner of Last Comedian Standing. Katherine Whitman, co-coordinator and Vice President of LGBTQA said, “The people who have been there past years were pleasantly surprised with how it came out and first timer’s loved it. Overall, a great time was had by all.”

Five judges were chosen to rate each drag performer on a variety of categories. These categories include, costume, creativity, Acting/Gender expression and overall performance. The first judge, Dr Liz Ruchti, is on the advocacy committee and is a professor at West Chester University. She teaches classes in Race, Gender and Theater, and will be teaching a course in Queer Theory. Her son, Patrick, who was dressed as Baby GaGa, helped Liz judge. The second judge was Dr. Bricketto who is the Vice President of Student Affairs. Dr. Bricketto has been a long time ally of the LGBTQA. Their third judge was Dave Timman, the Director of Sykes Student Union.

He helped put the event together. Tommy Atz was the fourth judge, who was an Equality Rider and still works closely with Soul Force. The LGBTQA was lucky enough to meet Atz this year and participate in some of the Equality Ride events. The final judge was Reverend Karla Fleshman. She is the pastor at Imago Dei MCC. She has become a friend of LGBTQA when members met her at an Equality Ride event this semester.

The Drag Show was organized by Katherine Whitman, Virginia Smith, David McMahon, Lauren Murphey and Joshua Daly. The Drag, the show had high attendance. The entire LGBTQA works up to this event all year long. Many students participated in Karaoke and the Drag performances.

The winners of the drag performances were first place was awarded to Andrew Esposito or his stage name, “Ginger Rodgers.” Second place was given to David McMahon and third place was awarded to Daniel Seyfert, also known as, “Alicia Roundme.”

Many students enjoyed this program and hope that it will continue on in the future. The LGBTQA executive board is already planning next year’s theme. The show was an eye opener for some and a fun time for all.

Rebekah Balmer is a third-year student majoring in women and gender studies with a minor in sociology. She can be reached at RB649636@wcupa.edu.

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