Wed. May 29th, 2024

Well lookee-here, finals week has creepily snuck up on us again. And what’s this? Eyes and noses set ablaze with mucus all over the place? It must be that time of year – Spring. Rebirth – greenery and rain clouds and pollen, everywhere. I don’t know about those of you without allergies, but let me tell you – it stinks. I’ve gone through two entire boxes of Kleenex in the past three weeks. Not to say I don’t enjoy the spring, that is. As a summer person, I really enjoy the turning of seasons, that I can now banish my small collection of sweaters and scarves to the back of my closet. My only other issue with Spring concerns the spontaneous rain showers that never allow West Chester ground to dry out completely.

Now, what would be the point of this editorial, if I didn’t take the first half of the writing and changed the subject to something different? Here goes.

Ever since I joined The Quad in fall 2008, the only staff changes I’ve noticed on the Editorial board have been in the Editor-in-Chief position, and even then, people simply moved around from section to section – no one ever left.

[As a side note, I must admit my previous ignorance to the turnover of the Business section of the staff, but in my defense, the first time I experienced the other staff, I though they were a breed of Boggart that continually knocked around in the inner office, making strange noises and throwing ad revenue sheets around all day.]

Much like the recent changes in the weather, us folks here at The Quad are noticing a pretty significant turnover in the change of staff. There’s been a surprising amount of Quad staff graduating this year (the fact that some of them are graduating with journalism minors is even more astounding. Let’s all take a moment to honor these rare creatures. . . . Okay).

Jon Garrell, Business Manager, and Craig Haber, Advertising Manager

These two are selected from the mysterious creatures I previously mentioned, typically lurking in the small office inset within the Quad office, fiddling with ad sizes and collecting funds from our advertisers. In a series of unexpected actions, I’ve actually interacted with these two number-driven workers, and I must say, my view of the business department is enlightened. They’re more of a Cornish blue pixie breed than a boggart.

Ken Schmidt, Copy Editor

For any adventurous soul at West Chester University, I am terribly sorry you missed out on the Sunday layout sessions where Ken Schmidt was proofreading all of the text the editors received for the paper. Ken editing a piece of copy is truly a sight to behold, whether in fear or afflicted awe. I’m fairly certain that it is solely due to this man that I properly know how to punctuate a.m. and p.m., along with how to attribute quotes to sources (“The ‘said’ comes first! Not blahblahblah said,” said Ken, in a volume at which only dogs and other copy editors could understand.)

LJ Harrell, Sports Editor, and Ryan Frisco, Assistant Sports Editor

Ah, the sports editors. LJ and Ryan have been a team longer than I’ve known, and have exemplified excellence (as per the WCU motto) in portraying themselves as the backbone of sports: competition. Whether about fonts, headline placement, or which article gets the gargantuan picture on the back (color) page of the section, there are frequent battles between the two every week as the sports section is made, in all it’s 1,000-word-per-article glory. The interesting thing is another sports-like trait the two exude: the ability to cooperate, when all is said and done. The two have settled into a pattern of motions that have allowed them to work efficiently, if not totally professionally, over their reign as The Sports Section.

Amanda Warren, Photography Editor

As Exaulted Ruler of the Photography Department, Amanda has attended countless sports games and featured events on campus, never complaining (well, not a lot) about the lack of student photographers who dedicate themselves to her Quad services. What do I imagine The Quad to be like without Amanda? A spookily quiet place, lacking a constant spew of “Sigur Ros” and “Minus the Bear.”

Colin McGlinchey; past Entertainment Editor, Editor-In-Chief this year

Chances are, if you’re reading this editorial, you’ve read Colin’s all semester, which gave you the poor indication that my writings would be on the same level of humor, wit and groan-inducing nostalgic references. I am sincerely sorry for the loss to the Editor-in-Chief position that is Colin McGlinchey. Colin began in the Entertainment section, assistant to “Chrispy” Pierdomenico, prior to rising to the EIC position this semester. Colin’s quirky personality and admiration for Johnny Depp and Philly sports teams has rubbed off amongst the whole Quad office – we now record various quotes of Colin’s on our dry erase board to admire Sunday mornings when we’re missing our various other obligations. Needless to say, Colin’s ability to never anger over the past weeks when I’ve been calling on him with all my questions will definitely be missed.

All of that being said – thank you to everyone who has written for The Quad this year, to our readers, and a final congratulations to all of you finally escaping – I mean, graduating – from West Chester University this semester. For the rest of you sorry undergrads and Master’s Degree hopefuls, The Quad and I will see you all in the fall.

Peace to you,

Tara T.

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