Fri. May 17th, 2024

Sex, love and civility. This will be the theme of WCUʼs Civilty Day that will take place on Valentineʼs Day this year. Civility Day is an all-day event that will be held on Feb. 14, appropriately on Valentineʼs Day. This event consists of 50 minute concurrent sessions held in the Sykes Student Union ballrooms. Civility Day is an event organized by University Forum, a university-wide committee made up of faculty, staff, and students across campus, that is charged by the Presidentʼs Office to provide venues to foster civility on campus. University Forumʼs current role is to advise the Presidentʼs Office on issues and concerns that impact the entire university community. Civility Day is currently one of the main events organized by University Forum that strives to make this mission manifest in our community.

Dr. Hyoejin Yoon, a co-chair for University Forum said, “We hope that this yearʼs theme, ʻSex, Love, and Civility,ʼ will help create a civil, intellectual, diverse, socially conscious, and ethically grounded venue for discussing the various functions, representations, and debates that a civil society ought to engage in love and sex/sexuality in order for further understanding, dialouge, and justice.” There will be a range of presentations this year that include topics such as art, dance, drama, literature, law, foreign languages, and health psychology.

Issues addressed relate to a workplace climate, censorship, race, gender, and transgender identity, advertisement, attraction, discrimination, samesex marriage, communication, relationships, culture, and education. The keynote speaker, Grady Turner, is the former executive curator of the Museum of Sex in New York City. Turner will speak at 1 p.m. in Ballrooms A & B. The dayʼs events will be topped off with a presentation by Leslie Feinberg and Minnie Bruce Pratt, writers and activists who have long strived to promote dialogue and justice on issues relating to sexuality and love. Their talk, “Sexuality, Gender and Liberation: a Valentineʼs Day Conversation with Leslie Feinberg and Minnie Bruce Pratt” will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Ballrooms B & C. For more information about the events that will be held on Civility Day, call 610-436-2389 or e-mail Dr. Hyoejin Yoon at

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