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Dave Matthews Band, Trey Anastasio, Jack Johnson, The Allman Brothers Band, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket and O.A.R. all at one 700-acre farm simultaneously? What, when, where, and how do I get there? Bonnaroo 2005, June 10- 12, Manchester, Tennessee – any way you can!Since its birth in 2002, the multi-stage, three-day festival has set unprecedented records, selling over 90,000 tickets at each event without traditional advertising. Each year the headliners get more and more impressive and the lesser-known bands emerge: Rilo Kiley, Iron & Wine, Particle, and Brazilian Girls are a few to keep your eyes on. Bands will continuously be added to the lineup over the next few weeks. Last year, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead and Ani DiFranco graced Bonnaroo with their talented presences. “Ani DiFranco was my favorite. Iʼve always liked her and she was the main reason I went,” said West Chester student Laura Karosic. “Dave Matthews and friends also put on a really good show live.”

However, it wasnʼt just the performers that made Bonnaroo
memorable for 2004 attendees. “My favorite actual performance was the String Cheese Incident. It was pouring and no one even cared – we were all dancing and going crazy in the rain,” Karosic said. Yet be forewarned, interested concert-goers, of the extreme summer heat in Tennessee.

“It was hotter than Haiti,” said Ally Carter, a sophomore at West Chester University. “Donʼt think you can survive with just a tent. You need to come prepared with lots of water and something to make your own shade. An RV with air conditioning would be ideal.” “The heat kind of made you want to die, but Iʼd still go back because it was awesome,” Karosic said.

Centeroo, the area in the center of the festival, was the location for tons of fun activities ranging from yoga classes to a giant mushroom that spouted off relief from the heat in the form of water.

Also, just to make it interesting, the names of the stages and tents were more than a little confusing, with titles like “What Stage,” “Which Stage,” “This Tent,” and “That Tent.” Talk about another “Whoʼs on First.”

Tickets are priced at three different levels, varying from the early-bird special of $146.50 to $172.50 each. There are additional fees for parking permits and service charges that can be found at the Web site. For a complete list of the artist lineup and additional information, visit

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