Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Spring classes are well underway, and as the harsh reality of a fresh 16 weeks of school begins to set in, the intramural program at West Chester University may be the perfect remedy for students wishing to unwind and get active. The intramural program currently offers seven different sports for the spring semester: basketball, softball, tennis, indoor soccer, power volleyball, roller hockey and whiffle ball. Students wishing to play in any of the leagues this semester, with the exception of basketball, can register. The basketball teams began their seasons on January 24. The deadline for indoor soccer and power volleyball is March 4. Students hopeful of participating in roller hockey, softball or tennis can begin registering on Feb. 14. Whiffle ball registration begins on March 21. Entry form applications can be obtained at the Office of Recreational Services in Ehinger Gymnasium, room 133. Each sport has a $25 entry/forfeit fee.

All students must meet strict eligibility guidelines in order to participate. West Chester University student identification cards must be shown in order to prove enrollment. In addition, junior varsity and varsity athletes who are actively participating in collegiate sport are prohibited from playing a related sport with the intramural program.

The intramural program requires each team sport to have a team captain. Captains are responsible for obtaining all of the necessary information of the players on their team. Furthermore, it is the captainsʼ duty to attend mandatory team captain meetings when scheduled, as well as notifying players about the rules of the league, and the times and locations of each game. The benefit of intramurals is the fun students have engaging in competition and the opportunity to meet new friends.

“I can say that I have met some great people just by playing softball intramurals,” said sophomore Jen Reynolds. “I always loved to play just for the fun of it. I think itʼs important to realize that intramurals are all about having fun, while also giving you the chance to be competitive.”

While participating in intramurals does have its perks, it is equally important for students to know that wrongful behavior in sport activity will be penalized. Thus, the program follows a “yellow card” and “red card” system for participants who act improperly. In the most extreme cases, participants held accountable for such behavior may be suspended.

For more information, you can access the university Web site where you can read more about the intramural program by clicking on the homepage located under the “Athletics & Recreation” section.

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