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Every Monday from 6-8p.m., It’s no longer West Chester time…Its Toal Time! Ashley Toal is a senior majoring in Communications Studies, who initially was interested in working in television. However, WCU’s TV club just didn’t really seem to fit with what she wanted to do.

“I wanted to focus more on broadcasting. I figured radio would be a good second choice” said Toal.

“Now I love radio more than TV. I find it more creative. I love music, entertainment, and talking to people, so for me, radio is a perfect fit.”

So what time of music inspires Toal for her radio show?

“I seriously like almost everything” said Toal. “Yes, even motown and country and hip hop mash ups. ‘Toal Time,’ the show I host with my brother, Matt, plays a lot of older, upbeat dance music.

Matt and I grew up with that, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say we’re pretty attached to it. I like a lot of music, but especially music that’s upbeat and happy. I like serious stuff, too, but life’s too short to be playing screamo all the time!”

Some of Ashley’s favorite bands are Passion Pit, Girl Talk, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Amanda Blank. Also added to her favorites are Diplo and Kafei, a band that recently played at the Grand Ram Band Jam. “My all time favorite band though is the Rolling Stones,” says Toal.

Toal was also at the Grand Ram Band Jam which she thought was a success.

“Matt couldn’t make it, but I really enjoyed it. It was a long day to work, but there were so many great acts. To be completely honest, I didn’t think there would be many artists I’d enjoy. I was blown away. There were so many talented people that came together for a great cause,” she said.

“I hope next year Sykes gives WCUR a better weekend than Easter weekend. Over $470 was raised. These were all voluntary donations, and it all goes to Relay for Life. I can only imagine it would be a lot more if most of the student body was on campus. I hope all the bands know how much we appreciate their attendance.”

It’s a wonder that the siblings never fight over the mic. Toal said the two are “about as cohesive as a brother and sister DJ duo can be. My brother is one of my best friends, so I really enjoy our shows together.”

One of the things Toal gets the most out of being a DJ is that she’s hoping to put everything she has learned at WCUR towards a career in radio post-college.

“Just all the knowledge of FCC rules, how to work the equipment, how events are organized… it all sounds very boring, but I’ve learned so much. I’m really grateful that we have a radio station at West Chester University,” she said.

Outside of her work as a WCURDJ, this Toal likes to do even more work in radio.

“Right now, I’m an intern for the Preston and Steve Show at WMMR Philadelphia,” said Toal.

“If you ever hear them mention ‘Olive Oyl,’ ‘Dora’ or ‘Skinny Girl,’ that’s me.”

Other than that, Toal likes to spend her free time with her friends, family and boyfriend. “I really love animals, being outdoors, and trying new food.”

After college Toal plans on moving back home with her parents, getting a part-time job, and saving up to relocate when she finds a job in radio.

“I graduate this May, so I should probably get cracking on this! As far as a Plan B, I’m not sure. I really want to return to the Philadelphia area before I’m 30. This is where all of my family is, and if you ask me, Philadelphia is the coolest city ever.”

No question about it, this Toal is serious about staying in the music industry. “If not radio, maybe promotions or event planning,” said Toal. “I really want to work in the Philly area.”

Dan Colon is a student at West Chester University. He can be reached at

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