Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Although it may look like the comedic template perfected by Judd Apatow, “She’s Out Of My League” keeps the audience laughing and intrigued the whole way through. It’s a movie you could see with your parents and not feel awkward about the humor, see with a group of friends or on a first date with your own “Perfect 10.”

The movie takes place in Pittsburgh, where quirky airport TSA employee, Kirk (Jay Baruchel), lives a boring life with no future plans.

He has an eccentric family that thinks he is a loser and they have practically adopted his ex-girlfriend, Marnie, and her new boyfriend.

Kirk’s friends aren’t much of much of an esteem booster either; rating him a 5 out of 10 on a good day and constantly giving him flack for his lack of luck with the ladies.

Kirk’s life unexpectedly changes for the better when blonde bombshell Molly (Alice Eve) comes through security at the airport, leaving her i-Phone in a security bin.

Molly is thrilled her phone is safe and offers him tickets to a hockey game, where he finds out that Molly wants to be more than “just friends.”

The first date between Kirk and Molly is awkward (almost painful to watch), bringing lot of laughs, such as when Molly’s ex-boyfriend shows up and mistakes Kirk as a waiter.

Another time, Molly goes with Kirk to have a Sunday dinner with his parents.

When Kirk’s family sees who Molly is and how she is a ‘Perfect 10,’ they stop dead in their tracks, shocked by how beautiful and sweet she is.

Molly impresses everyone with her subtle humor and drives Kirk’s ex-girlfriend crazy, which creates a lot of jokes and humorous situations.

Things take a turn after a night when Molly and Kirk “almost” get intimate. An accidental bodily function leaves Kirk unable to shake the hand of Molly’s traditional, uptight father, leaving Molly thinking Kirk isn’t serious about their relationship.

The situation pans out and things are good again between the two.

Kirk’s humorous, instigating and jealous friends put more pressure on Kirk to live up to be the ‘man’ that perfect Molly needs.

During a night where Kirk and Molly are going to ‘seal the deal’ Kirk has a mental breakdownover worries of not being good enough for her, leaving Molly annoyed and fed up with Kirk’s typical male antics.

“She’s Out Of My League” is a humorous, tasteful, belly-laughing romantic comedy. After playing several supporting roles, “Knocked Up” and “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” Baruchel finally makes his debut as a main character and does not let down his role.

Newcomers such as Alice Eve, and all the characters playing Kirk’s friends keep the comedy amusing, ludicrous, and lively, never leaving a dull moment to the viewer.

This movie seems as if it’s the underdog, but to whoever sees it, they won’t be disappointed.

“She’s Out Of My League” leaves viewers with tons of one-liners that you will sooner or later, be hearing everyone saying to their friends.

Jacqueline Beley is a student at West Chester University majoring in professional studies and minoring in international business and psychology. She can be reached at

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