Wed. May 29th, 2024

Put me in a room with George Bush and what would I say? Uh oh…fasten your seatbelts! I believe my temper would get the best of me, but I?d strive to make it clear to this man that I do not consider him a leader, nor my president of the United States.I would inquire about why he feels obligated or delegated to drag his narrow-minded religious perspectives into the law-making process of Congress.

Who are you to ban a woman ?s right to choose what is or is not done to her body? Are you ordained by God? How would you like it if I told you that you had to be neutered, like a dog, so that your sperm couldn?t invade a woman?s uterine wall? Hmm…maybe this could be an alternative to your so-called morally-conscious right-wing agenda on abortion.

I would then ask why he feels he has the power to ban gays from marrying one another.

What if the tables were flipped and society was primarily a homosexual one? Sorry, you?ve got to divorce Laura because she?s got breasts and a vagina, and marriage between a man and a woman isn?t what God meant it to ?mean.? You?re forbidden to marry a person you love, based on their gender. Laura couldn?t help that — she was born that way.

After utter humiliation and an ego downgrade for Dubya, he?d then face my wrath on the “War on Terror,” or the “War in Iraq” since millions of voters foolishly think the two are one and the same.

So, you couldn?t catch Osama; therefore, you had to move on to Saddam, didn?t cha? Poor Georgie, you must?ve been beat one too many times playing Jed in Battleship as a kid (not that you?d be found near any ship in the first place, since you failed to show up for your own military duties).

And where?s Saddam now? What?s being done with him? When will the Iraqi people be given the opportunity to seek retribution or revenge for his atrocities dealing with human rights issues?What about bin Laden?

He?s still in some cave in the Middle East; if you can dig Saddam Hussein out of a hole in the ground, surely your “trained troops” can drag his sorry disease-ridden carcass out of a damp hole in a mountain.

It?s a lack of effort; maybe if you started working weekends like every other struggling, twojob-holding American, you?d get some actual work done. No more weekends at your hillbilly ranch.

Finally, I?d get three inches from his Gizmo-look-alike face and declare that in 2008, he will be but a repressed memory in my,and millions of other Americans’ minds. A better, more qualified individual (hopefully a woman or an African American) will inevitably take your place and change this country for the better a feat you failed to undertake.

This person will succeed at uniting the country against a common enemy a country you drove to division. This person will make Americans proud to be American; he or she will change the negative view that so many foreigners hold against us because of your policies and actions. And this person, most importantly, will act with integrity and respect for all human beings no matter their race, religious preference, country of origin, sexual orientation, personal choices, social status, or beliefs.

Erin Joyce is a senior majoring in communication studies.

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