Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

I am one of the many girls in America waiting for a man to say those three little words… “You’ve been Punk’d.” Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore are just one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, and nobody saw it coming.Let’s think about this. Kutcher, 26, star of “That ’70s Show” on FOX, and creator of “Punk’d” on MTV, is a rising hot star in Hollywood who partnered up with the Brat Packer, Moore, 43, and they’ve been inseparable for the past year. Love has no age, no color, and no limits, but come on, it’s “Dude, Where’s My Car” meets “St. Elmo’s Fire.” While everyone was hoping that Kutcher “Punk’d” us with his unlikely romance, I think we’ve all been able to get used to it. However, there are still some celebrity couples who, even if they broke up, that I just couldn’t get over.

One of my favorites is Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton. How weird is that? Hi, Angelina, you are so amazingly beautiful and classy that you could pick any man to be with, and you chose Bad Santa? Don’t get me wrong, Billy Bob is incredibly talented, and he’s not too hard on the eyes. But, you’re Angelina Jolie! You have an incredible body and lips of perfection! Did you take on some of the traits of your character from “Girl Interrupted” when you said “yes” to a date with a man named Billy Bob? You should have stuck with your brother, sister. That was a controversy in itself, when Jolie and her brother lip-locked on the red carpet. I think it was blown out of proportion, like everything else in Hollywood, but it was a little weird to see the two of them in such a touchy-feely relationship. I guess our City of Brotherly Love is rubbing off on people. Just in some unlikely situations. Let’s not forget the most unlikely couple of them all!

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green! They were together during Green’s cancer scare, and their marriage lasted a whole 15 minutes. Maybe she had better insurance and she wanted to help him out with his hospital bills. Who knows? Not me. At least our girl Drew is now with someone who won’t share his removed testicle with America. So these have been some of the unlikely celebrity couples from the past, and let’s be honest: it’s always fun to revisit these wacky couples. There is a couple that, just this past summer, has had some drama of its own: Nick Carter and Paris Hilton.

Let me first just say…WHAT!? A hasbeen boy-band member and the heiress of the Hilton fortune? Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain. They were together for six months, and rumors started that the Backstreet Boy raised a hand to the billion-dollar beauty. It was all denied, but perhaps he punched her by accident when he was practicing his dance moves to “As Long as You Love Me.” As Paris would say, “That’s hot.” I can’t help it. I’m addicted to celebrity gossip. I love it. I’m the freak in the grocery store who will buy milk, eggs, and five different celebrity gossip magazines so I know “what’s going on in the world.” Maybe it’s an addiction. Do they have rehab for people who are obsessed with Star Magazine? Sign me up for the 12-step program. Oh, and how weird was it when Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz were together? Hello, you have the same last name! Ok, I’m done. I need to go read In- Touch, I mean, the Times…

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