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Not sure who to vote for? Take the following quiz to determine where you might stand in agreement with the 2012 democratic and republican candidates and their parties on some of the major issues the United States faces today. Then, do your own research to learn more about the 2012 election.

1. Should abortion be a legal option for women in the United States? 

a. Abortion is morally wrong. It should either not be an option, or only be an option in extreme cases that involve rape, incest, or threat to the mother’s life. 

b. A woman seeking abortion should first have to take a wait period to think about the decision, attend pro-life counseling, receive parental permission (if a minor), prove paternal support, and/or schedule additional appointments. 

c. Abortion in many cases may be morally wrong, but preventing it only pushes it underground making it both unclean and unsafe. 

d. Abortion is a constitutional right. Any effort to abridge or create barriers to this right is an effort to control and subordinate women.  

2. Should the United States legalize gay marriage?

a. No, marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman.

b. Marriage should be reserved for opposite-sex couples, but same-sex couples should have access to civil unions which would guarantee them some rights.

c. Marriage should not be determined by government but should be a religious decision.

d. Yes, prohibiting same-sex marriage denies equal civil rights.

3. How should the federal government address environmental issues such as global warming, emissions pollution, and oil drilling?

a. Deregulate the free market and allow it to determine the best solutions for alternative energy and environmental issues.

b. Deregulate and allow the free market to make decisions regarding environmental issues but provide incentive for private efforts.

c. Regulate corporate and business operations that affect environmental issues.

d. Regulate the market and also provide incentives for environmentally friendly efforts.

4. Should the United States increase gun control?

a. No, increasing gun control infringes on the right for law-abiding citizens to protect their homes and families.

b. Only in cases concerning the mentally disabled and convicted felons.

c. Only for assault weapons and high crime areas.

d. Yes, those seeking gun ownership should face mandatory psychological evaluation, gun safety training, and background checks.

5. Should the United States legalize marijuana?

a. Marijuana use should continue to be illegal and the U.S. should crack down on drug law enforcement.

b. No, marijuana is U.S. society’s passage to other drugs.

c. Only for medical purposes.

d. Legalize it for medical purposes and decriminalize in all other cases.

6. How should the Unites States address the rights and taxes of businesses and corporations?

a. Less federal control and taxes in business. We should open markets and corporations should have the power to conduct work where and how they see fit.

b. Less control and taxes for small business owners, but large corporations should continue to be regulated and taxed.

c. Federal control is necessary to regulate the market and business, but taxes should not be increased.

d. The market needs more federal government control and taxes. 

7. How should the United States address workers’ rights?

a. Union organization is dangerous to the U.S.’s ability to compete globally and restrict businesses. 

b. Worker’s choices are acceptable how they are. 

c. Union organization is fine, but the minimum wage needs to be increased to match inflation.

d. Worker’s choice to be involved or not in unions should be expanded. The ability for employees to bargain collectively and strike is a necessity. The minimum wage should be raised with inflation.

8. What requirements should there be for government to assist unemployed/underemployed workers?

a. Welfare should be eliminated altogether as it is not taxpayer’s responsibilities to support the unemployed.

b. Capable adults who receive government handouts should be required to work.

c. Recipients of government assistance should be required to be looking for work.

d. Helping unemployed/underemployed people in any way possible is necessary for the growth of the economy.

9. How should the United States handle health insurance?

a. Get rid of Obama Care. Healthcare is a business. Open the markets so insurance companies can compete to provide the best possible healthcare. 

b. Disagree with most of Obama care and feel that federal government should not have say in the healthcare industry.

c. Most of Obama Care is good, but people should not be required to have health insurance by law.

d. Obama Care is the solution to health care and insurance issues.

10. How should the United States handle issues on immigration?

a. Higher border security for Mexico, and stricter punishment and control for illegal immigration. The U.S. will benefit only from legal and skilled immigrants.

b. Magnets to illegal immigration like lowered tuition rates should be completely eliminated and the current system for deportation and security measures should persist. 

c. Rather than punishing illegal immigrants, the U.S. should focus on punishing those who employ illegal immigrants.

d. The U.S. should define a clear path for working illegal immigrants to get citizenship.

11. When should the United States consider intervention in other countries?

a. Whenever the president feels fit. The president and his advisors know better than common citizens when military involvement is necessary. 

b. In cases that pose a threat to national security.

c. Only in cases that absolutely pose a real threat to national security, or human rights.

d. Any military intervention should be avoided at all costs.

12. Should affirmative action be legal?

a. No, affirmative action is reverse discrimination.

b. No, but we should continue to address poverty regardless of race or ethnicity.

c. Yes, but not in the form of racial quotas.

d. Yes, those that have faced racial discrimination in the past deserve help to level the playing field.

Now tally your score! 

A = 2 points for Republican Candidate Mitt Romney

B = 1 point for Republican Candidate Mitt Romney

C = 1 point for Democratic President Barrack Obama

D = 2 points for Democratic President Barrack Obama

Undecided/Other = 0 points 

Joy Wilson is a third-year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at

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