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After a while in college, you will come to the conclusion that money is a finite resource. You will find yourself with an empty wallet and nothing but subtractions on your bank account history.  Doing the simple things in life like buying some utilities or even something from the vending machine will prove to be nearly impossible.  Once you find yourself strapped for cash you come to a grim realization: you are going broke. We wish we could spend college spending as we please. Eventually we will have to find out about the consequences of always swiping a debit card. Sooner or later you will find your bank account actually can run out. Unless you are an heir to a vast fortune, you will at some point face financial hardship. There are basically two options you can do.  The first is using the good old-fashioned method of asking your parents. Second, is that you could get a job.

The last three words of that paragraph are always a downer. Nobody wants a job, but since you are quickly becoming an adult you will have to face the facts. Getting a job is usually and hopefully the final destination of a college graduation, so you better get some practice. West Chester is a great place for getting a part-time job. The best place to look is at the food venues. The restaurants are always looking for waiters, bartenders, busboys and bar backs. Other places have cashier, cook, and delivery positions available. Mostly every “help wanted” sign I see on a window is for food delivery. All you need is a car. Although, I do always wonder why there are constantly open spots for delivery people. It may not be the best job, but by now, beggars cannot be choosers. Besides food places, clerks and cashiers are needed for places all around town. You can always look at on-campus jobs such as Sykes and other places. You have to pounce quickly though because they are in high demand. I cannot tell you how many times I have applied, and subsequently been denied from a prospective job. The best thing about campus jobs is that they understand your college schedule and accommodate it accordingly.  The final job I can think of is baby-sitting. That always proves lucrative according to my friends.  

~Jack Barnett

Op-Ed Editor

The Quad

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