Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


The hardest part of doing work for me is getting started. Once I begin studying or writing, I build up momentum that keeps me going until I am done. When I begin I just want to get my work finished. This sentiment gets me to do my work in a consistent and consecutive manner. The key to start studying, for me at least, is to find a good place. The ideal spot should be quiet, spacious, and somewhere I can stay for a long period of time. Many suggest that you go to the library for this, but personally it has been a mixed bag for me. Finding a table there can be as hard as finding a parking space behind the Sykes Student Union. This always proves troubling for me because I have to find an area with a power outlet. My laptop has a very short battery life. The huge mass of people in there also brings some unwanted conversations. Several times I could not concentrate on my studies because I had to listen to a long conversation about someone’s relationship trouble or the awesome party they went to the night before. Sometimes I even meet an old acquaintance at the library and usually get roped into a conversation. I am aware of the quiet rooms, but even they can prove to be not so quiet. My laptop also has the unfortunate defect of beeping loudly at random times. This can make me a nuisance in the quiet areas. The lines to the computers to print something usually guarantee a wait. It can be a real annoyance when you have to wait five or 10 minutes to just print out a paper. Speaking of lines, the Starbucks there must make a killing because whenever you go to get a cup of coffee to keep yourself awake there are 20 people in line. These lines rival the Diner in terms of people in line and how long you have to wait. Usually I try to find a different venue in which to study.


The top floor of Sykes Student Union is a great place. It is not nearly as large as the library, but it does not have nearly as many people there. Also, it is less of a social setting, so people seem to be much more quiet. Studying during the day there is always productive. My apartment can also serve as a sufficient place to study. Though being around all of my belongings, such as the television, do tempt me to take short breaks. Trouble is a 10-minute break can easily turn into a 60-minute break. I have finally settled on a great place to study. It is quiet, secluded, very roomy, and has ready access to technology. That would be the Quad office. Few people have access to it, so it’s quite and secluded. It is a fairly large room. There are many power outlets and even computers to use. It would seem I have finally found a good use for this job.


~Jack Barnett

Op-Ed Editor

The Quad

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