Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

It?s a cruel, cruel world when it comes to dating; the endless search for the right person, being hit on by guys who are less than desirable, and the waste of time and money spent in bars and clubs are just a few aspects that deter a person from seeking a mate.Those of us who are about to give in don?t have to. Although risky at times, the Internet can be a person?s new best friend.

Multiple dating sites like,, and allow a person to create a profile for free which others can view and, in turn, forward their interest in your profile.

But when I told certain people that I had met someone off of and was meeting him in person this past Friday, they became concerned just because I had met the guy over the Internet.

What about all the creeps who show up at places in town like Turk?s Head or The Rat every weekend, hitting on women almost half their age? Are these men not as “safe” as those posted on the Internet? No one can really say for sure, but my point here is that just because a person is there in body doesn?t mean they?re less likely to be psychotic, a rapist, or a murderer.

Those less skeptical of the whole online dating scene offered praise and encouragement because they know people in very successful, committed relationships that met off of sites like

Despite the conflicting perspectives on Internet dating sites, there?s nothing more relieving about having someone send you an e-mail so you don?t have to “work” to find a date.

These days, it?s especially difficult for those of us who are busy with a full-time course schedule, full or part-time work, extra-curricular activities, family obligations, and apartment and job hunting to have a great deal of spare time available.

Sitting in a bar really isn?t that productive, and unless you?re an upfront, aggressive person, you?ll most likely end up heading home alone in a drunken stupor, hair and clothing reeking of other peoples? cigarette and cigar smoke with no phone numbers to call the next day.

According to, 61 percent of all Internet users this year alone will create a personal ad on an Internet dating service and look for a dating service online.

“Cyberdating,” as some might refer to it, is a backwards way to date. A person is able to sort through others very quickly as if there were some sort of job position up for grabs.

So many questions up front isn?t usually how a relationship, or love, starts off. In this way, however, you get to know the “true” person before the physical attraction element sets in.

Conveniently using the Internet to make a brief connection is possibly the best use of one?s time because a person can easily return to square one: seeing if you both are still interested in each other without quite taking that leap into a relationship.

Erin Joyce is a senior majoring in communication studies.

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