Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Election day is upon us, and I trust with every fiber of my being that Americans will vote for the right choice: President Bush.With footage released of Osama bin Laden and other terrorists proclaiming further attacks that will “dwarf” Sept. 11, it forces me to think: “Who is best to protect us from such threats?” The only answer is President Bush.

America is at war and we must defend ourselves. The Bush doctrine is the only way to fight global terrorism.

It keeps this battle in their backyards, not ours.

Bush has defended America and will continue defending us for another four years.

In this election, there is no greater issue than the War on Terror

and our national security.

Without security, we won?t have an economy, the environment, or any social issues to worry about. Former New York City Mayor Koch said, “These people want to kill us!” He is right: these terrorists want to destroy our way of life, our way of thinking and our very being. The only man who can protect us is President Bush. He has shown the strength, resilience, and the will to defeat our enemies.

The new terrorist footage only proves my point. Our enemies are

trying to persuade our election.

They have witnessed, first-hand, the strength

of our nation under this president.

These terrorists are afraid of our president.

They know that Bush will hunt each of them down and make them pay for the innocent Americans they killed.

Approximately 75 percent of those responsible for 9/11 are dead or in custody due to our president?s determination and strength.

If you are still undecided or having second thoughts about your vote, please take a second and remember Sept. 11. President Bush led America with a steady hand, an iron fist and a heavy heart.

There is not a doubt in my mind who will be the winner of this election. President Bush has risen above and beyond the call of duty to our nation. He has protected us in our darkest era. We have a war to win, and this war is not about government, money or borders; this war is about the protection of the American dream, the American culture and our very own lives.

Rick Loughery is a junior majoring in political science with a minor in philosophy.

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