Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

When I first picked up this CD, with all the knowledge I had on Depeche Mode, I thought to myself, “How does one remix songs that already sound like remixes?” Depeche Mode is the epitome of ’80s synth and dance-pop with that special touch of gothic undertones. I was extremely intrigued by how this CD would come out. I knew it either had to be one of the best things I’d ever heard, or one of the worst. My assumption was absolutely correct. Through the 12 tracks on this remix CD, Depeche Mode proved my theory true that one honestly cannot remix such songs as “Personal Jesus” or “Just Can’t Get Enough.” These songs, along with the other 10 tracks on the Depeche Mode Remixes album, already possess “remix” qualities, without any alteration at all.

The songs basically sound rehashed with extra beeps or synth chords from a keyboard. Depeche Mode seem to be starving for stardom, but unfortunately adding a few clicks and whistles to their already dance-tastic songs full of hip and steady beats just doesn’t cut it. Just when I thought all hope was lost and I had basically just reviewed a greatest hits Depeche Mode album as opposed to a remix of their songs, “Enjoy the Silence” began to play.

This being my favorite Depeche Mode song of all time, I could immediately sense a difference in the tone and mood of this song. It seemed a little slower, and more melancholy. I still don’t think this falls into the category of a remix though, because aren’t remixes supposed to be a speedier and dancier version of an artist’s song…not slower? At this point, I wasn’t expecting anything different at all from Depeche Mode’s original tracks, so any difference jumped right out of the CD player and into my ears.

I really enjoyed this rendition and it even had a few added lyrics. None of the lyrics were changed, but they sang in different spots of the song than in the original version. This was by far the most altered song on this remix album and still remains my favorite Depeche Mode song. Being a Depeche Mode fan, I couldn’t possibly give this CD a bad review, because there was nothing bad about it.

The songs were still as good, the songs were still Depeche Mode’s style and still reflected the essence of the group’s musical talent and creativity. The songs, although not changed in the slightest, were still enjoyable and I really liked this CD.

It was more of a Depeche Mode’s Greatest Hits, where they altered one song at the very end just for kicks. If you are a Depeche Mode fan, there is no way you will not enjoy this album, but if you already own their CDs or even perhaps a real greatest hits album, buying this “remix” CD would be a waste of your money. Depeche Mode is more of a band where what you see is what you get there’s not really more much to them, but definitely nothing less. They can only recreate their songs so many times, but every time they do try to recreate a song, it still sounds extremely similar to its original.

Props to the ’80s rock stars for bringing back an album where they revive their ultimate hits. Though they simply cannot be passed off as “remixes,” they are still, as always, fun to listen to, great to dance to, easy to get stuck in your head – the essence of Depeche Mode. I give this CD four out of five stars. Other than the fact that it’s almost a form of false advertising in that it offers no sense of the “remix,” it’s still a representation of everyone’s favorite gothic ’80s dance-pop-synth band, Depeche Mode. Keep listening and as always, I encourage you to pick up the CD and give it your own review!

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