Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

WCU’s Greek community celebrated their twenty-first annual “Greek Week” last week. Greek Week is celebrated each year to promote unity among the fraternities and sororities. Each fraternity and sorority are randomly matched up and they spend the week competing in various competitions in hopes to win the “Greek Cup.”

“The fraternities are also supposed to hang out with their [partnered] sorority throughout the week,” said Patrick Cunningham, a WCU senior from Sig Pi. “It’s great for meeting other Greeks.”

Junior Paul Osbeck said his favorite part of Greek week is “Everybody coming together. Everyone just haves a good time, there is no ‘My frat is better than yours.'”

The first of the different events that took place throughout the week was the popular event “Greek god and goddess,” which is a talent show among the Greeks. Sig Pi won for the men’s competition and Alpha Phi won for the women’s competition.

Other events included “Greek Feud,” a “Family Feud” style event; winners were Sig Phi Ep and Phi Mu, and a lip-sync contest in which Alpha Phi and Lambda Chi Alpha were the winners.

On Thursday, Greeks played in the “Greek Volley tournament” in Hollinger gym. It was a double-elimination, co-ed tournament. The winners were Alpha Phi and Pi Kappa Phi, and the runners-up were Beta Theta Pi and Delta Phi Epsilon.

On Friday, the pool games were held at the South campus pool. They involved the blind-fold tube race, medley relay (backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and freestyle), a new game added this year, “King Fisher” and then the belly flop contest.

The final event to end the week were the “Greek games” on Hollinger field, on Saturday morning. These series of relays brought the Greek organizations out to compete and cheer on their brothers and sisters. Events included the egg toss, three-legged race, obstacle course, crab walk, wheelbarrow race, leap frog, bear crawl, pyramid contest and finally the fraternities and sororities went head-to-head in the tug-of-war. Lambda Chi Alpha won the Tug-of-war for the fraternities and Tau Kappa Epsilon were the second runners up and for the sororities Delta Phi Epsilon took the number one spot over second runner up Phi Sigma Sigma.

After the games concluded, the frats and sororities got together and go back for cook-outs and lunch, before coming back Sunday for the final awards ceremony.

Co-activities chair and host of Greek week, Tom Sonetto, commented on the benefits of Greek Week. He said, “It provides great unity among the brotherhoods. Helps get Greeks involved.” He also said, “It shows independent students that we [Greeks] do more than sit around and drink all day.”

The twenty-first annual awards presentation took place Sunday in Sykes Theater wrapping up the week.

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