Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

So what does West Chester University have to offer to the aspiring filmmaker, the budding news anchor, and the witty sketch comedy writer? The answer is simple: West Chester University Television, or quite simply, WCU TV.WCU TV, also known as the “TV Club,” is led by dedicated senior Mike Damanskis. I recently got the chance to speak with Mike and was able to ask him some questions about WCU TV.

Q: What is WCU TV?
MD: A student-run television station. We used to reach around 3,000 students; now it is less because if you get digital cable in the dorms, channel five becomes HBO. We should be getting a new channel number soon.

Q: How long has WCU TV been around?
MD: Itʼs really hard to say. Itʼs been around for quite a while.

Q: What types of programming does WCU TV offer?
MD: We conducted student surveys last semester. People first want campus news, then comedy and sports are tied. Then they want music videos. We try to give the students what they want.

Q: What is TV Club and what is its relation to WCU TV?
MD: The TV Club is the same thing as WCU TV. I donʼt like to use the word club. It sounds dorky. Iʼd rather call it the TV station or WCU TV.

Q: What kinds of jobs does WCU TV offer for students?
MD: We donʼt exactly offer jobs to students, although we would certainly like to be paid! What we offer them is a chance to meet likeminded people and lend them cameras and editing equipment to use. We also provide some training in the studio and in editing. Lots of people dream
of being a writer or an on-camera reporter, or an editor or director
or whatever, and WCU TV gives them a chance to practice and develop
a demo reel for when they go looking for that first job or internship.

Q: Who started WCU TV?
MD: I have no idea. Itʼs been around for years, but there were no members when I took over. So Iʼd like to say I started it.

Q: Who runs WCU TV now?
MD: I still do, but Iʼm leaving in December, so Matt Furer is taking over in the spring.

Q: What changes have been made in the past few years to WCU TV?
MD: When I took over in Fall 2003 we were in pretty bad shape. I did a lot of postering over campus and speaking in my classes to recruit people. Last year we did pretty well- we covered a lot of events and had a lot of fun. We did a game show called “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.” Jim Houliston did a show called “Procrastination Station.” We raised some
money for the American Heart Association, and we gave free pizzas to students who could answer five of the weekly trivia questions. Weʼve been pushing really hard for a larger space in Sykes to use as a studio. We really need a studio in Sykes because the TV studio in the Bull Center is actually a classroom, and isnʼt always available for us to use. Plus it
closes at 4:30. I think that things are coming together and we will
get a bigger space soon.

Q: What can West Chester students expect to see from WCU TV this year?
MD: I personally am working on a sketch comedy show with a couple of other people. There will also be a parody news program, similar to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Others are doing news, others are doing sports, others are doing music and others still are doing politics. I am hoping the skate club will submit some skateboarding videos. Usually in the beginning of the semester there isnʼt a lot on, because television production requires a lot more planning and work than other things; we have preproduction, production and postproduction. All of this can be time consuming. Right now we are training people and we should have a good amount of programming in the next couple of weeks. If youʼd like to know more about WCU TV, email wcutv@yahoo. com or check out the meetings every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Bull Center.

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