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So, itʼs that time of year again! The leaves are changing, and the air is filled with that crisp smell of a fire burning somewhere in the distance. Hayrides, pumpkin picking and costume shopping all come to mind when Halloween is mentioned, but most of all, it is the time of year for haunted hayrides, houses, barns, trails and pretty much anything else people can think of to scare each other and get the most out of this short but fun holiday.There is no better place to be for the festivities than Pennsylvania! The amount of space that is here between all of the farms and the cornfields seems to be unmatched anywhere else you go, and it also seems to be the perfect setup for all the fun and scary activities that make Halloween so great. Here are a few tips on some of the best places around. Some are a little farther than others, but if you are willing to take the trip, you will see that it is definitely worth it.

First on the list is one of the most successful haunted attractions in the area. Jasonʼs Woods, located in Lancaster County, is about one hour and 15 minutes from West Chester. Jasonʼs Woods has been scaring its audiences since 1986. According to their Web site, www., the attractions have been rated No. 1 by The Philadelphia Inquirer and by The News Journal in Delaware. The 160-year old yearold farm has several attractions like Jasonʼs Woodsʼ Horrifying Hayride, The Barn of Terror, Mystery Maze, The Macabre Museum, and
The 3D Carnival of Fear. You can get a combo ticket that includes all
five shows for $23.

Next on the list is The Valley of Fear and The Original Haunted House located in Feasterville, Pa, which is about an hour drive from West Chester. You can visit the haunted hayride and three haunted houses for $19 on the weekends, and $16 during the week. The Valley of Fear is $10 and they have combination packages available.

The Valley of Fear will also host radio stations such as WIRED 96.5 and Q102, and they will feature live bands, magicians and much more. Not too far up I-95, close to Philadelphiaʼs waterfront, is Fright Factory. It is $20 for The Forgotten Insane Asylum, Pitch Black, and CarnEvil 3D attractions.

While you are in the Philly area, donʼt forget about the Eastern State Penitentiary. Tickets run from $15-$25 depending on the date and they offer both day time historic and night time tours. Not only has Eastern State Penitentiary been the topic of several magazine articles and television specials, it was featured on MTVʼs “FEAR,” which required the
contestants on the show to go into whichever haunted place was featured and complete a mission without scaring themselves to death. The Eastern
State Penitentiary is located in Philadelphia at 22nd Street and Fairmount Avenue. Visit their Web site online at www. for directions.

Another possible option that can fulfill your need for a good scream is Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride located in Gradyville. Their attractions include The Bates Motel, a haunted hayride and a haunted corn maze. They also have combination deals that cost $25 for all three attractions. Gradyville is roughly 15 to 20 minutes from West Chester, located off route 352. Their Web site,, has directions.

However, if you donʼt feel like taking the risk of being frightened by these attractions, there are always the sure things such as Six Flagʼs Fright Fest located in Jackson, N.J. and Hershey Park the Dark, roughly a two hour drive. Hope this little guide helps you make the most of this spooky holiday season!

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