Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

To keep Arnold Scwarzaneger in power Because you’re a “Maverick”

 Because every vote counts

 To put a minority in the White House

 To put a war hero in the White House

 Because you trust in your political party’s best judgment

 Because you actually think a third-party candidate can win

 Because your family would kill you if you didn’t

 Because Saturday Night Live inspired you to vote

 Because you want Tina Fey to keep doing Sarah Palin sketches

 Because you never voted before

 Because you feel like this is the most important election of our time

 Because someone told you to

 Because you like the way your candidate dances

 Because it’s an opportunity for you to influence your own destiny


Although these staff inspired reasons provide some humor, this election year is potentially the most important you will ever be a part of.

Everyone at The Quad is voting for serious reasons and encourages you to vote despite your political affiliation. Mark the date: November 4th.

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