Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Paul Rudd plays Danny Donahue in the new movie entitled “Role Models.” Seann William Scott plays Danny’s best friend Wheeler and together Danny and Wheeler go from school to school talking about why kids should not take drugs but buy their energy drink, Minotaur, that ends up turning your pee neon green. One day, everything goes wrong with Danny and he ends up driving his Minotaur truck into a statue after getting into a fight and trying to steal his truck back from a tow truck.Christopher Mintz-Plasse, better known as McLovin from “Superbad,” plays Augie Farks. Augie is your stereotypical D&D dork but instead of playing it in his basement, there is a whole group that he plays with in the park. Bobb’e J. Thompson breaks out of the mold in this movie playing the foul-mouthed Ronnie. Ronnie has gone through tons of different “big’s” because of his foul mouth and antagonizing character.

I cannot honestly think of a better match than this match up of Rudd and Scott.

These two actors play so well off each other that there friendship is actually believable. While the “littles” of Mintz-Plasse and Thompson end up stealing the scenes most times because of their ridiculous lines.

The plot of the movie is very straightforward in that because of Rudd’s “blow up” he and Scott are forced to do 150 hours of community service with a mentorship program or spend 30 days in jail. Given their options they go with the mentorship and meet Thompson and Mintz-Plasse. Initially, they can’t find anything in common as there first day with each other are full of awkward jokes and aggressive comments.

Eventually both pairs find a connection but the funniest of either is that of Scott and Thompson’s with the love of Kiss and boobs. The connection starts when the mentorship offers a big/little camping trip and in order to fill the hours, Scott and Rudd attend.

Though, Rudd’s depression and hatred towards the world hinders the relationship with his little. Eventually Rudd comes around and realizes that he and his little brother have something in common they feel isolated from everyone else.

The laughs in this movie are continuous from the moment it starts to the final scene in the movie. Your sides will hurt from the amount of laughing you do during this film. Writers Paul Rudd and David Wain really have a great movie with this masterpiece of comedy under their belts. In the end, this movie was probably one of the funniest movies of the year and was well worth the price of a movie ticket

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