Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Every morning, we choose to get up out of bed, choose our skinny jeans, arch our heels in pumps and line our lips with gloss. We choose our friends and we choose our classes, so why is it when it comes to matters of the heart we sometimes choose to ignore the obvious?For years, Noel and Jeff chose to love, be faithful, and respectful towards one another. And when that was broken, Noel was faced with a big choice; was she willing to forgive Jeff after one night of indiscretion with another woman? Though the distance seemed so short just last week, when Jeff made his decision to be with another-Noel could not of been farther away. While Jeff and Noel gained distance, Amber was getting closer.

Since freshman year Amber chose to put herself first, education second, career third and then if she had time, relationships. So when she proclaimed the news at lunch on Wednesday we were shocked: “Ladies, the unthinkable has happened, yes, I’m no longer single.” The thought of Amber choosing a man over work or school shocked me. Maybe it was time I started thinking about my choices as well.

After a dud of a date with Ryan, I was looking to resuscitate my single life. So for Halloween I dressed as a Baywatch lifeguard. I was not expecting to meet him especially at a house party on Matlack. I chose to relax, not be so wound up and give in to the thought that there may be nice guys out there. His name was Shaun Paul Costello. A film student from Temple University, with great hair, a white smile and an Abercrombie body. I choose to continue conversation. As I was moving my lips chatting, Michelle was moving hers drinking.

Enjoying a very tasty flirtini, Michelle was thankful for the alone time she had now that she was no longer seeing anyone. From the tattoo tool bag to the clingy teacher, Michelle tends to attract the wrong men. I wondered why. Maybe choosing men is about standards? So if we keep finding the wrong men should we raise our standards? Why are we so anxious to find someone new? Is being single really not the right choice?

Later that weekend I took my fabulous and single friend Sebastion shopping. It is getting chilly, so I willingly took my wallet and warmed up my feet. I spent 30 minutes choosing a boot-while we sometimes choose to enter a relationship in what feels like 30 minutes. When I walked out with both pairs of boots I had a thought. Why was I so willing to pick one or the other? Can’t I have both of everything? And after I applied that question to men I realized, I can be picky- after all it is my heart not my feet that will feel uncomfortable if I choose the wrong man. If we’re picky about our shoes, why not with our men? Why is it that sometimes we settle for a Payless flat when what we want is that sexy Jimmy Choo? A woman has every right to shoose.

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