Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

In 1996, creator Brenda Hampton started a new show on the WB. Ten years later, “7th Heaven” is still one of TV’s most popular shows. Sadly the show is coming to an end this season with only three episodes remaining in the series. The show centers on the Camden family, comprised of the Reverend and Mrs. Camden, along with their seven biological children. Throughout the years, however, the Camden’s have taken in many kids who are not their own. They are a Christian family living in California.

The show deals with many trials and tribulations that families all over deal with in real life. That is why the show is so loved; many people of all ages can relate to it. The show talks about things such as drugs, sex, teen pregnancy and the importance of family. Matt and Mary, the oldest two children, played by Barry Watson and Jessica Biel, have since moved away from the rest of the Camden family.

However, both Barry Watson and Jessica Biel have signed contracts stating that they will return for the season finale, which will supposedly end with Simon’s marriage to Rose. Lucy has also started her family with her husband, Kevin. They are new parents to their baby girl Savannah. Ruthie struggles with love. The guy she loved just had a baby with another girl. The twins, Sam and David, are still too young to get into any real trouble, but they are mischievous in their own ways.

With regards to Simon’s engagement to Rose, the whole family disliked Rose very strongly, with the exception of Simon. However, they are finding that she might not be as bad for Simon as they had originally thought. In one of the last episodes, we also found out that Matt, who is due to graduate from medical school alongside his wife, has some big secret that only Ruthie knows.

We will have to watch the countdown to goodbye to see how the story unfolds. The series has received numerous awards and is the WB’s highest rated show. This fall, “7th Heaven” started its record breaking tenth season, making it the longest-running family drama in the history of television.

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