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The Family (2013)
Director: Luc Besson
Writer: Luc Besson
Genre: Action, comedy, crime
Robert De Niro: Fred Blake
Michelle Pfeiffer: Maggie Blake
Dianna Agron: Belle Blake
Tommy Lee Jones: Robert Stansfield
Rating: R
Grade: D

Fred Blake spent his entire life as a mobster until one day, he “rats” them all out to the cops. In lieu of this, the mob puts a hit out on him. As a result, Fred Blake and his family are given new identities and a new home. Now they are traveling throughout France and trying to stay hidden so the mob does not find them. That becomes very difficult for a family of Italian-American gangsters.

Being a big Robert De Niro fan, “The Family” was a must see. Skeptical from the beginning due to an unusual plot, I proceeded to watch regardless. Unfortunately, I wish I had not made that decision. Robert De Niro had an equal role with the rest of his family taking the focus and importance off of him. In addition, everything seemed too fake, lacking any sense of reality or what would happen in a real life situation. Finally, the movie seemed as though it was trying too hard to be a modern day mobster movie. Other than a few chuckles, the movie lacked excitement and was not worth watching. With plenty of fantastic mafia movies, stay away from this one.

The Notebook (2004)
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Writers: Jeremy Leven but based on the book by Nicholas Sparks
Genre: Romance, Drama
Ryan Gosling: Noah
Rachel McAdams: Allie
James Marsden: Lon Hammond
Kevin Connolly: Fin
Rating: PG-13
Grade: A

In an attempt to brighten the day of an older lady (Allie) at his retirement home, Duke tells a story of a couple from the 1940’s. The story is about two teenagers experiencing a summer romance and their lives after. Noah and Allie come from two different lives. Noah is a poor, yet passionate southern worker, and Allie is a well-educated student from a very wealthy family. Their love faces many boundaries keeping them from ever being together.

Dramatic, suspenseful, and full of romance, “The Notebook” takes the cake for the best of its genre. Hooked from the start, viewers become engulfed in this young love story plagued by obstacles. This film has a fantastic plot along with an equally great cast. Although sappy at times, it goes unnoticed due to the intense drama. Without any action or comedy, this can be hard for some guys to watch. Nevertheless, it has people wishing for the same type of love as Noah and Allie’s. Unfortunately for guys, it happens to be the same movie that causes girls to look for a guy exactly like Noah/Ryan Gosling. Grab your special someone, cuddle up, and enjoy this fantastic love story.

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