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First year students may be worried about doing things all wrong and wish someone could tell them what they should know. Upperclassmen have gone through many of the same things as what first year students are now. Here is some advice from the upperclassmen to make students first-year at West Chester University a successful one and to have the best four years of ones life.? Some re-occurring themes appeared throughout what the upperclassmen wish they knew as first years. Everyone said to get involved on campus. There are over 220 organizations at WCU. There is something out there for everyone. If there is not something a student is interested in, it is very easy to create your own organization.

?Charlie Warner is a great source, and he is always available to help out.

Some students recommend joining a sorority or fraternity. “Go out for a sorority or fraternity. There aren’t ‘sorority’ girls or ‘fraternity’ boys, we have 16 Greek organizations on campus, and there is a home for everyone,” Jackie Aliotta said.?

Joining groups on campus is an outstanding way to meet new people; there are also a couple of other ways to make new friends. There are events on campus such as the volunteer fair that students can attend. By signing up for a club or extra curricular activity, one can meet new people who are interested in participating in the same things.?

Anna Moronski recommends leaving your dorm room door open while you are in it.”Try to get each person in your wings room and introduce yourself. That is what I did on the first day we moved in, but I’m also a forward person. Try to get the people in your wing to go to dinner together or hang out in the lounge and play cards or something,” she said.?

This is great advice. Students do not have to be outgoing to get to know others. Introduce oneself to people, at least they will know your name, and you never know, your best friend could be living in the room two doors down.?

There are some very important places to go on campus, and everything is free. Make sure to take advantage of all these great places. The writing center at Lawrence is a great place to go to get help with papers. Make an appointment and someone will be glad to sit down and help with assignments.?

Another place is the Sykes Student Union. This place is great, in the lobby there are posters and flyers announcing the next big events. Take advantage of the gym downstairs, get some food from the Rams Head, or coffee from Java City and study lounge on the third floor. Also in Sykes, every Thursday through Sunday night there are movies playing in the theater downstairs.?

The career development center is another important place to go. There is a great staff that will guide students along their college education to make sure that they are on the right path and answer any questions one may have.

?Of course the library is a very important place to go.

There are several different floors to study on in the library. The third floor is not quiet so you can sit with friends and study groups on this floor. The other floors are quiet areas. The library has plenty of computers, which have free printing. Take advantage of these resources.?

Homecoming is approaching soon. Take part in the homecoming festivities, it is a very exciting time of year and WCU goes all out. “Go to Homecoming festivities because it’s really the one time the whole year where the whole campus is united and it’s just a really thrilling weekend! Make sure you attend the parade, the football game, and other homecoming activities, it is very entertaining.” Moronski said.?

We all know that being in a new and different atmosphere can be quite scary. However, if you take these tips from some successful upperclassmen, you can really succeed here at WCU. Just remember, get involved, make new friends, and take advantage of all the wonderful recourses on campus. Good luck first year students!

Elyssa Sobel is a fourth-year student majoring in Communication studies. She can be reached at

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