Thu. Jun 13th, 2024


By the time you are reading this, the Super Bowl will have been resolved. Though as I am writing this comment, the game could go either way. If I would have to make a decision, I would pick the Ravens as the winners. This comes out as a personal wish and an esteemed prediction. As a child, I visited the city of Baltimore and went to a Ravens game. It was one of my first NFL games. Still after a surprising win against the New England Patriots I think the Ravens could pull a victory out of this whole ordeal.


I hope most people have bought their textbooks by now. If you have not, remember to look for the best prices. Stores such as the SSI bookstore, Dynamic bookstore, Amazon, and E- Bay. Used books are usually the best bet. In my personal experience the used books have always been in good enough shape to use. If you do order online, there are two things of which you have to make sure. First, you must know that it is the right book. There are many options online so it is best to match up the ISBN numbers just to make sure. Second, you have to check the delivery address. I usually order books to my home. If you have not ordered yet, then you should ship it to your apartment or dorm. When ordering books, it is best to check all of your options just to be sure.


Chuck Hagel is in the process of becoming  Obama’s new secretary of defense. Lindsey Graham and John McCain have been grilling the former governor of Nebraska about his comments over Israel. Hagel once claimed that people were being intiminated by the “Jewish lobby.” He meant the Israeli lobby, but the word choice of “Jewish” came back to haunt him. This was a major source of contention during the hearing. Hagel dodged the question. It is telling how Hagel had to dodge the question. It shows how controversial the isssue of Israel is. As secretary of defense, Hagel will be in the centerfold of Israel’s conflicts with the other nations in the Middle East. Despite the terse exchanges being passed around, Hagel will most likely be nominated. Either way, Hagel may shake up the secretary of defense postion and Israeli relations for better or worse.

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