Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

I am sure at one time you have complained about how cold it is outside. I know I have. Personally, I have been bundling up all week. It was only until lately that it dawned on me, perhaps it is not yet cold enough. Bare with me, because this is not going to be a climate change lecture. What I am worried about is a lack of snow. By this I mean real snow and not this rainy slush we have been getting.

If you are an old geezer like me, then you would remember the huge snowstorm we had in 2010. It was great with no classes a snow covered campus, and lots of free time. I remember sitting comfortably in my dorm, watching movies and only leaving to eat or play. The residential quad was filled with snowmen and snow forts. Snow fights sporadically broke-out on campus. If you were brave enough you could have ventured to South Campus to sled down the hills. I know I was not bold enough to make the trek all the way down there. I do not want to get too nostalgic, but those were really the days. All I really want now is a good snowstorm, which has eluded this college for the last two years. Hopefully we will get lucky with just one more mega-snowstorm this semester. This may be highly unlikely, but a man can dream.

-Jack Barnett
 Op-Ed Editor
 The Quad

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