Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The market for technology is a forever growing and changing industry. There is constantly a new desirable and “must have” piece of equipment out and ready to be purchased. From cameras, to phones, to iPads, to Kindles, there is technology available for everything and for everyone. A couple days ago, the iOS 7 update became available for all iPhone owners, along with the new iPhone 5c. This phone is capable of many similar tasks from the previous iPhones, however there are quite a few differences.
The one main difference between this iPhone, is that it is made out of plastic. This will make the phone more desirable because all of the preceding iPhones have been made of glass, which is easier to break and crack if dropped. Also, this new iPhone comes in several different colors such as green, blue, yellow, pink and white. These colors bring the phone to life. Under the smooth surface of the seamless outer shell, there is a steel-reinforced frame that provides more structure. On top of the different colors, you can also add one of six Apple cases that are impossible to ignore because the case design allows the color of the actual iPhone to show through underneath. The case obviously protects your phone, but there are also 30 different color combinations and it helps the phone stand out and makes it more personal.
This phone come with an A6 chip which allows 10 hours of LTE browsing time, 10 hours of talk time, and 10 hours of video playback time. This chip is also designed to hold a more powerful battery life, which is more convenient not having to worry about bringing a charger along when leaving the house. This phone also has 13 LTE bands, which is more than any other smartphone currently available. This makes this the fastest iPhone and the download time and speed is incomparable. The number of LTE carriers that supports iPhones around the world continues to grow, so while traveling you can take advantage of this network.
The 8MP iSight camera is a high quality and has a great resolution. This camera comes with a fun application that allows you to snap images in a square format, and you can also choose from 8 different filters that can be applied before or after a picture is taken.
Overall the iOS 7 is cleaner and simpler with the interface and the new features supplying so many different and fun things to do. This phone is the most up to date and most advanced piece of equipment available, also not to mention very colorful!
Alyssa Cappola is a third-year student majoring in marketing. She can be reached at 

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