Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

As most West Chester students and families know, there is always construction going on in the Borough. Whether the Walgreens is being renovated or there are new dorms being built, construction can cause a lot of chaos when it comes to parking.
As a college student, there are enough expenses to pay such as tuition and books. So, students should avoid getting any parking tickets to add on to those expenses throughout the school year.
Student permits for residential permit parking are $40 per semester. West Chester students are only allowed to park in area C from 8 a.m. -4 p.m. Mon- Fri. After 4 p.m., most streets require no permit. To avoid any parking tickets, make sure you have a proper and valid permit for wherever you park. Students should also learn about any restrictions for that specific street prior to parking there. Some streets require permit holders to move their car one day each week before the borough cleans that street. Failure to do so will result in a parking ticket.
Depending on the amount of credits that WCU students have, they can purchase a $30 permit for on-campus parking lots. Information about permits are located on the Public Safety page.
West Chester allows a great service for those who do not have cars. The buses run constantly from Church St, to Wayne Hall, to Health and Science Centers, to south campus parking lots and the Village. It is a great and reliable way to get to class, so students should leave enough time before class to hop on board.
The Borough has opened up the Sharpless Street parking garage to WC students. The semester expense to park in the garage is $210. The newest parking garage is on South New Street across from the back of Lawrence Dining Hall. Semester passes are $200.
Students should avoid at any cost getting a parking ticket. They should make sure they are properly educated about the rules for where they are parking.
For more information about parking for West Chester students, you can visit the public safety page at For information about parking on the surrounding streets visit
Julie Singer is a second-year student majoring in middle grades prep with a concentration in reading and special education. She can be reached at

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