Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

To all of the writers and artists at West Chester University–this article is for you.
The English Club is beginning the process of creating their annual literary magazine, Literati. The magazine consists of students’ artwork, prose, poetry, short stories, and creative writing. The club is scouting out students who would like to contribute to the magazine, and advertisements will begin to clutter the bulletin boards around school this month.
If you are a writer or artist, this is a perfect opportunity to be published right here on campus. At the start of the spring semester until the start of summer, physical copies of the magazine are sold to the student body for $5 and $3 for club members. Online copies are also available.
The English Club also encourages students to submit to the magazine because it is a great opportunity not only to be published, but also to add to one’s resume. The English Club works hard to publish as many students’ works as possible, and their mission is to accept all types of work regardless of experience.
Dr. Ervin has also joined the English Club this year as an advisor. She is a new professor on campus as of last year, and is skilled in nonfiction creative writing. She is available to help students decide which works to submit. And for students that have creative writing classes with her this semester, the English Club encourages you to submit those works!
To the artists around campus, the English club is very interested to publish your artwork! Even for 3D art classes and sculpture, the English club would love photos of your work. The art department consists of some of the hardest working students on campus, and it would be great to publish your artwork in a magazine! The English club features one art piece for the front cover of the magazine and scatters the rest of the art pieces throughout the magazine to keep visual interest.
For students who are interested, or who have questions, please reach out to the English club. They meet Mondays at 7:30 p.m. at Sykes 254. Also you can contact the literary magazine editor at
Colleen Cummings is a third-year student majoring in English writings and minoring in journalism and graphic design. She can be reached at

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