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West Chester Public Safety knocks on the door and cites everyone for underage drinking. Most of us have either been in that situation or know someone who has been in that situation. Not only does this event ruin your night, but it could end in court dates, alcohol classes, and legal fees. If found guilty not only do you have the courts to deal with, but you also have to deal with West Chester University. It’s almost as though you get punished for the same mistake twice. Is it worth it? Absolutely not!
Our campus is such a unique one. We have many activities offered to students that cost little to no money and will keep you out of trouble. Perhaps the biggest one is Sykes After Dark. Sykes After Dark is something that you might remember that first Friday of Freshman year if you lived on campus. Your RA took you to our student union after a floor meeting and introduced you to this unique program at West Chester. However, the party doesn’t stop after that night. Every week, Sykes After Dark brings in entertainment such as comedians, improv groups, and casino games. In addition, every week there is karaoke, a free give-a-way, and free food! On top of that, you can see the midnight showing of the Student Activities Council’s movie, which is almost always a movie not yet out on DVD.
The best part about Sykes After Dark is that they want to hear what you think. The organizers of Sykes After Dark are always looking for suggestions for the entertainment. Not only do you get to enjoy the events, but you can pick them!
However, Sykes After Dark is not the only thing you can do on a Friday night. The Francis Green Library is there for more than just studying during finals week. There are hundreds of movies, popular and unique, available completely free to rent for three days! Just like Sykes After Dark, if you don’t see a title that you want, just add it to the suggested movie list. They constantly are updating their selection of great films to fit whatever mood you are in.
You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. It sounds cliché, but it is true. I have taken advantage of these services at West Chester since I was a freshman and have had some of the best times doing so. Even now that I am twenty one, I still have nights that I choose to stay in with some friends and check out what is happening at Sykes After Dark or rent a movie from the library. Alcohol is not worth adding difficulty to your life. However, if do you decide to drink, make sure that you follow the tips on the Stall Seat Journal and from the Health Center in order to have a safe night. It is my hope though that you will choose to stay in and stay out of trouble.
So, is going out to that party worth it? That’s a decision you have to make on your own, but it does not need to be a difficult one. West Chester University has your back.
Daniel O’Connor is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies. He can be reached at 

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