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It seems that even as the years pass, nothing could keep this Hollywood couple apart from each other. They worked together in the Mickey Mouse Club, had platinum records, and dated on and off until officially calling it quits for good.Or so we all thought. I’m referring to famous pop stars and old flames Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears whom were spotted together a couple weeks ago getting cozy in a low key L.A restaurant. Jessica Beil was nowhere to be found.

The two have had run-in’s before and both parties have confessed in past interviews the uneasiness that can come along with running into an ex. But, this time, neither party looked uncomfortable as they sat close together in a booth engaging in what looked like a “flirty conversation,” an insider said.

Their body language didn’t say anything different as Spears rested her head on Timberlake’s shoulder while they both gazed into each other’s eyes. It looked as if the two had been “seeing each other for years,” the insider told “OK” celebrity gossip magazine. The next day the two were nowhere to be found together; Spears was seen rehearsing for her upcoming Circus tour while Timberlake was spotted strolling with his girlfriend in down town L.A.

The two originally met back in their Mickey Mouse Club days but went their separate ways after the show was cancelled. They met up again years later and Hollywood was fascinated with their blooming relationship calling them “the dream couple.” But all good things must come to an end and they did for Timberlake and Spears after their four year relationship seemed to fizzle out.

Their months of on again off again status kept the media tabloids wanting more. That is, until Timberlake officially ended his relationship with Spears over his cell phone before a concert. Afterward, he was very vocal about the breakup insinuating that Spears cheated on him. His video for “Cry Me a River” even pointed to that fact. Spears remained quiet about the situation but after a few months of his loose talk she snapped back with a song implying that she knew a secret about Justin.

Before their romantic rendezvous at the small café, Spears and Timberlake had another encounter…this time the two were not snuggling up next to each other but exchanged flirty glances and even more. They ran into each other at a small West Hollywood bar on Monday, January 12. Timberlake was in the middle of dinner with girlfriend Jessica Beil when Britney walked in with her mom.

The two exchanged smiles the whole time until Timberlake left the restaurant. As Brit and her mom walked out, an onlooker described Spears to be giddy and filled with delight as she whispered to her mother informing her that she had been texting Timberlake throughout their evening. Spears mother did not seem shocked at the confession of her daughter.

After their West Hollywood run in, Spears and Timberlake were reported to be talking to each other more but “keeping things strictly at a platonic level,” a close friend of Britney’s said. She respects Justin’s relationship with Jessica Beil and is just happy to have him back in her life as a friend again. She wishes the best for them.

Both Spears and Timberlake have denied any media speculations about them having a secret affair or their cozy engagement a couple weeks ago being anything more than a friendly meet up. Deny all you want Brit and Justin, we all know your relationship hasn’t been and clearly isn’t over yet. April Fools!

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* April Fools!

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