Fri. May 17th, 2024

At 1 p.m. on Nov. 11, the Veterans Council will be holding its annual Veterans Day Parade. The parade begins at the corner of Gay and Darlington Streets and it continues to the Municipal Building. There are many organizations involved, quite a few of them from WCU, including several service groups and Greek organizations, as well as the radio station 91.7 The Curve, WC Dish, West Chester Press, and the Chester County Journal, among others.

This parade encompasses a five-point plan in order to educate the younger generation so that they may understand and appreciate the significance of Veterans Day. West Chester is a county seat of the Chester County and has the largest veteran population of all the neighborhoods, so the parade aims to educate, raise awareness and appreciation, and inspire sponsorship and community.

According to Ed Knight, owner of Culinary Deliveries and a member of Friends of West Chester Pa Veterans Support Committee, “The significance of the parade is to honor and appreciate the men and women who served in the military. West Chester is a great small town that has been recognized for its historic small town appeal.”

The Veterans Council wishes to bring like-minded individuals together to volunteer their time and efforts in order to create a long-standing commitment by the community of West Chester to reflect and honor those veterans who have given so much of themselves for others. The final goal is to have a parade that reflects the caring and appreciation of the community that rivals the outpouring of support shown by communities in the area. The Veterans Day Parade should reflect the same attention as any other fair or holiday that receives large crowds in West Chester.

“This parade has played a significant role in bringing the community together throughout the last century,” Knight said. “This what we want to establish: a foundation for the future of this parade by educating and bringing awareness to such a special day that brings the community and university together.”

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