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On June 5, 2007, Marilyn Manson released his sixth studio album, “Eat Me, Drink Me.” It should also be recorded as his worst album yet.Marilyn Manson has produced five stellar albums. Anyone who is a fan knows that his albums are always filled with excellent instrumental choices and lyrics. His songs have been inspirations for rock musicians everywhere.

However, this album is enough to give anybody a headache.

Distortion on a voice can mix things up a bit and provide an interesting change for parts of a song, maybe even for one entire song. But distortion on your voice for every single song? That’s overkill.

Furthermore, what happened to Tim Skold? His guitar playing used to be terrific. Most of the guitar playing on this album is excellent, as usual, but then a good portion of it sounds like it came from a garage band. The bad guitar can be heard in the introduction of the song “They Said That Hell’s Not Hot.”

However, one part of “Eat Me, Drink Me” that improved was the lyrics. Most of his lyrics, Manson admitted in an interview, come from the depression that he suffered in his marriage with Dita Von Teese. In this album, he writes lyrics more truthfully and more exquisitely than ever before, revealing the depths of his depression.

The CD does not deserve 0/5 stars. There are some worthy parts of this album in addition to the lyrics. “If I Was Your Vampire” and “Evidence” are songs with excellent tempo and arequite “catchy”. “Heart Shaped Glasses”, which was written for his girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, shows the romantic – even if it is a bit morbid – side of Manson.

In addition, for a male rock artist to expose himself through his lyrics, like Manson did in this album, is to be admired. The stereotype is that male rock artists are tough. It is quite the contrary in Manson’s songs, where he sings that he couldn’t live without Evan Rachel Wood. Also, in the song “Just a Car Crash Away”, he sings about the ending of his marriage with Dita Von Teese. These two songs, along with several others on the album, earn him some respect and brownie points for the album as a whole.

If someone wants to listen to well produced music of Marilyn Manson, pick up one of his older CDs, and don’t pick up this one. Although the lyrics are more in- depth, the recording of the songs is not like his older music. The actual sound of the album is horrible.

Overall, the album gets two out of five stars.

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