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Topping off their Blue and White Week, the sorority Zeta Phi Beta organized a Hawaiian- themed Karaoke Night at 8 p.m. on Friday, August 31 in the Sykes common area. With the help of Sykes After Dark, members created a friendly and inviting atmosphere with decorative touches, such as colorful flowers lining the microphone stand and table covers in blue and white, which are the colors that represent the sorority.

Zeta Phi Beta’s Blue and White Week, which took place from August 27 to August 31, offered a variety of activities to celebrate the beginning of a new semester.

Besides the Karaoke Night, they also hosted a welcome back carnival on the quad, attended “Step Afrika!” in Asplundh Concert Hall and arranged a breakfast on the corner of Rosedale Avenue and Church Street.

On Friday night, Sykes common area was transformed into a brighter, more inviting setting. Members demonstrated enthusiasm by wearing white grass skirts over their clothes and distributing blue leis to the performers and spectators. Their efforts were truly showcased from the pages of available songs and sign-up sheets that circled the room.

Provided snacks included bowls of sliced fruits and vegetables, fried chicken and a wide assortment of soft beverages and juices.

When the first performance began, the room was already filled with students relaxing on couches and seated at tables that had been arranged to offer the audience a clear view of the stage. As the event continued, students stopped in briefly on their way out from dining at Ram’s Head to watch the performances. The performances were spirited – singing and dancing in solos and duets, which led to the whole-hearted support of the audience. Involved and attentive, the audience sang along to familiar and catchy songs such as “Hot in Here” by Nelly and “Burn” by Usher.

The comfortable and friendly environment certainly resembled an enhanced family room as students and members lounged on couches enjoying the acts, sharing food and conversation. The finale of Blue and White Week was just the remedy for students making the transition from summer vacation to the new Fall semester at West Chester University.

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