Mon. May 16th, 2022

Welcome to a new semester at West Chester! The funny thing about West Chester is how predictable everything is, so we at the Quad compiled this list of things you can expect too happen within the first two weeks of any given semester:

-With all of the stuff you brought back with you, you still manage to forget something. Parents will be seen a lot during the first week, and some big packages will come in the mail.

-Several cars will hit the car behind them trying to parallel park.

-The food on campus will be pretty good. Then, it will decline.

-You have FLEX cash for the first time since the second week of last semester, so you use it all.

-Somehow, you manage to run out of meals.

-You will either walk into the wrong classroom, or you will compulsively double-check your schedule to be sure you don’t. Or, both.

-The first day of class, the professor will read over the syllabus for the semester. All of them will say cell phones -calls or texting- is annoying and prohibited. They will allow you x amount of absences and say that they understand “life happens” and have excused absences.

-You have to play an annoying ice breaker game in at least one of your classes. Probably the 8AM one.

-Your WCU email will alert you that your password needs to be changed.

-You (or your neighbor) will be locked out of their room.

-You spent upwards of $300 on used books so you can be prepared the first day of class, then the teacher tells you that you won’t need the book.

-You use your 75 pages printing limit while printing the syllabi for your classes.

-Your first class is in a building on campus you’ve never been to before and can’t pronounce the name of to ask where it is.

-You notice that during the first few weeks of class, everyone wants to eat lunch in Ram’s Head at the same exact time. Throughout the semester, the schedules will work themselves out.

-Your favorite TV show continues to dictate what you do that night; you “pencil plans in” around the show times.

And now that all of this is out of the way, we hope that you can enjoy the rest of the semester. Good luck!

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