Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

As I walk through the archways of Philips Memorial Hall for the first time this semester, coffee in one hand, Ipod in the other, it hits me that I don’t have a lot of time left here at West Chester University. I’ve had three and a half wonderful years here at the Dub C and every moment has been a learning experience. January 12th is the beginning of the end for me. No more late nights at Harvey Green, or basement classes at the Old Libs; no more buffalo chicken wraps at the Diner, or fighting to be a winner of the coveted Banana Day t-shirts. I can no longer say, “When I grow up.” because that time is here. I came to West Chester second semester freshman year as a transfer student. My first college wasn’t a good fit. I wanted the college experience you see in movies. My friend Dan Glatfelter said that West Chester was a good University and when I received my acceptance letter I came sight unseen. I never realized it would be the best decision of my life.

West Chester is the perfect college town. Where else can you get pizza at 3 a.m. or mention the condition of the sidewalks and everyone knows what you are talking about? My senior year at West Chester will be the most memorable to date. Not only did the Phillies win the World Series but the Presidential Election showed us that college aged students can make a difference. I will so also be taking life lessons from West Chester like how to jimmy the washing machines in the dorms to get a free load, to never walk anywhere barefoot, the walk of shame is never acceptable, Uggs and jean skirts can be worn at any function and thirsty Thursdays are only fun when you don’t have an 8 am Friday classes to attend.

I can recognize now that there are no colleges like the ones in the movies. What you get out of college is what you put into it. It may be raining, cold (and you are pretty sure that the University is below sea level by the immense flooding) but if you don’t go to class you’ll miss what is on the mid-term so you suck it up and head out into the elements. We all know that when we sell back our text books for 1/16th the price we bought them at, we can at least go to Jakes or Riggtown.

A lot has changed here during the past few years: resident halls coming down, resident halls going up, our last female resident hall going co-ed, the smoking ban, SOMPAC opening, and the moving of the Bull center offices to a closer building on campus. Yet West Chester has the same old feeling and close knit community that it always has.

West Chester has something for everyone. For myself, I worked at WCUR, our own FM radio station, I was an RA in Goshen Hall and I partake in Greek Life activities with my sorority Phi Mu. But that’s just the beginning of it. Every major has a club and every sport or regular activity has some sort of role on campus. Even the off campus and commuter students have their own organization. No matter what a student is interested in, WCU has a fit for you. When I see the campus tours of potential freshmen, as I walk to my classes, I usually get the urge to run up to them and gush about MY school. If I can convince them to choose West Chester then I know they would have the best college experience possible.

Walking through the whispering arches, my Ipod blaring I take in the sight of the town and University that I have called home for the past 3 and a half years. I hope that our new University President, Dr. Weisenstein, reads this article and begins to understand what it feels like to be a West Chester University student. We are proud, we are strong, and we’ll defend our school’s honor for life.

We, the students, faculty and staff are West Chester University.

Kendra Gruber is a fourth-year political science pre-law major with a minor in Latin American Studies. She can be reached at

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