Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

While students relaxed and enjoyed time with friends and family over winter break, the dining program at West Chester University began making the changes that had been discussed at the Dining Advisory Board meetings last semester.Lawrence Dining Hall is now featuring a new cycle menu, which will give students a much wider variety of food throughout a four-week rotation, and a similar cycle program for the salad bar. The first half of the salad bar will feature “traditional” salad ingredients, while the second half will offer “themed” salad ingredients, rotating weekly.

Ram’s Head Food Court is breaking in its new char-broiler grill, and is hoping to expand its menu thanks to the new equipment. Starbucks is now highlighting their Tazo Tea Latte as the Drink of the Month, and is bringing attention to their Grab-n-Go items, including sandwiches, salads, and parfaits.

Einstein’s Bagels now offers breakfast wraps as regular items, and the Diner is encouraging feedback on the new, healthier chicken fingers. The Diner also hopes to add more sides to its menu, including fruit and veggie cups, yogurt parfaits, and vanilla and chocolate pudding.

In the theme of Valentine’s Day, Ram’s Head, Larry’s Market, and Starbucks all have valentine-day merchandise out on display. Baker Bob will be stationed for the first time this semester at Ram’s Head Food Court on Feb. 12, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Finally, Lawrence will be hosting a “Dia de Amor” menu on the same day as Baker Bob’s visit, featuring a chocolate fountain.

With all of these changes and new additions, the Dining Advisory Board is seeking student comments and ideas regarding what is preferred to the campus population. In addition to these comments, Lawrence would like to display a “world cuisines” station, and is looking for ideas of international foods to feature.

A final idea the board touched on at its last meeting was keeping Einstein’s Bagels open on the weekends. This would offer a choice to students who have to go to work at an hour that the dining hall, Ram’s Head, or the Diner is not open. However, the full extent of the concept is that if Einstein’s is open, the Diner may open later.

The Dining Advisory Board encourages all students to attend its biweekly meetings and provide feedback. The meetings are at 3:15 p.m. in the Traditions side of Lawrence Dining Hall. If you find you are unable to make the meetings (look for the flyers around campus) feel free to leave your comments with a member of your residence halls RHA, or on http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSE/WestChester/.

Tara Tanzos is a second-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at TT649875@wcupa.edu.

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