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It becomes apparent very quickly that West Chester has plenty of restaurants and other food outlets. It is actually a daunting task to eat at all of them. There are some local favorites students frequently attend, but it would be a disservice to not explore all of the places around you. This is a large town and it pays to adventure out to new places. The best thing about trying new places in West Chester is that there is diversity. You will find many pizza places, nice restaurants, Asian cuisine, Mexican food, and much more. In my three going on to four years here I have dined at many places, but there are more out there.

Pizza is always a popular food destination for college students. Whenever a college student thinks to go out and eat, pizza is ually the first thing to pop into their heads. West Chester is no exception with a pizza place on almost every road around campus. Riggtown Oven is one of the most popular destinations for pizza and for good reason. The specialty slices in Riggtown are some of the best in town with honey mustard and barbecue flavors being among the best. While they are most well known for pizza they have a great breakfast selection. I would recommend getting the breakfast meal on the twelve inch roll (for only $3.75). Chris’ Pizza is also a popular destination and boasts a good menu of pizza and other food. Amore’s Pizza and Restaurant is another big spot to get food. If you would get anything there it should be the Six Pack. The Six Pack consists of two plain pizza slices, two bread sticks, and two garlic knots for only $6.39. This is a deal you cannot beat. Even if you do not feel like eating the whole thing there, pizza makes great leftovers. If you are craving cheap takeout you should order from Pizza U where they have a ten inch pizza for $4.99. They also have their famous bakewiches. These are fifteen delicious sandwiches. The best is the Golden Ram which consists of chicken, ham, honey mustard, and mozzarella cheese. Another great deal is New Haven Pizza with a personal pizza for only $3.25. Saucey is great place because of its unique specialty pizzas including the 420 pizza with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and french fries on top of it. If it is upside down pizza you’re craving you should head to America’s Pie which makes the best one in town. It is a bit of a hike, so ordering delivery would most likely be the best option.  If it is pizza you crave, West Chester has a great selection.

There are a great amount of Asian cuisine joints around here. King’s Garden Express is quick and affordable. If you can stomach the prices, Kooma is great for its sushi. It is a bit on the pricey side, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. I must admit that I did not try out a great amount of the vast Asian restuarants around West Chester. Nooddi-Thai Chef is one that I have heard great things about but have yet to make. A trip will most likely be to there in the near future.

If pizza or Asian food is not your food of choice there are plenty of restaurants serving different foods. Mo’s Grill serves food hailing from Jamaica and Georgia. The pulled pork sandwich is delicious. If you like a variety of food to choose from then the Three Little Pigs Restaurant and the Pita Pit are great choices.  The Three Little Pigs is a nice little restaurant boasting a diverse selection of great sandwiches. What I most enjoyed about the restaurant is the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. The Pita Pit is similar to the Three Little Pigs in selection except as the name suggests it serves pitas instead of sandwiches.  Both of these places are great for dining in or getting delivery.  If it is pub food you are interested then you should head over to Kildares or Ryan’s Pub.  They are both great restaurants with great services.  You should make sure to head to each pub’s wing nights. Kildares’ wing night is on Monday where they have .50 cent wings with many different flavors. Barbecue and teriyaki are my personal favorites.  Ryan’s Pub has wings three for a dollar on Wednesday. They only serve buffalo, but they are probably the best Buffalo wings in town. If pub food is not your thing and you prefer a different atmosphere, you are in luck. Teca is a great Italian restaurant which specializes in its wine selection. Another fantastic Italian restaurant would be Limoncello Ristorante. I would recommend the veal or pescatore. Also if you are of age they have a great wine selection. Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House is the best seafood place in town. Oysters are your best bet but any seafood is still a good choice.  It seems silly to go to an Oyster house and order something you could get at your average restaurant. If you’re interested in breakfast then I would have to pick Nudy’s Cafe as the best place to go. They do serve lunch there, but their breakfast menu is unbeatable

With all these places to eat you can keep yourself very busy. Although I listed many places there are more to be found. The best advice I could give would be try these places out for yourself. Never go to the same place twice and always be ready to try something new.

Jack Barnett is a fourth-year student majoring in history and political science. He can be reached at

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