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American cable television network, Music Television, debuted four all – new thirty-minute television programs Sunday night. Originally purposed towards playing music videos, MTV now broadcasts a number of reality television and popular culture programs.

Starting at 9pm, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” debuted first in Sunday’s all-new lineup.

Professional skater and former star of MTV hit show “Rob & Big,” Rob Dyrdek began his second prime-time program on MTV without the help from his large sidekick and former co-star, Christopher “Big-Black” Boykin.

Dyrdek used his skateboarding fame to open a new world of business opportunities including signature shoes, skateboards and video games.

His 25,000 square foot warehouse now has everything under one roof.

The “Fantasy Factory” has an enormous indoor skate park, full-length basketball court and offices for Dyrdek’s lawyer, manager and graphic designer. A new pair of spring stilts, a large blow-up blob and an appearance from Los Angelos Lakers star Lamar Odom highlights the opening episode.

The “Rob & Big” show may be over, but Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory” looks to keep fans happy.

Following “Fantasy Factory,” “The CollegeHumor Show” debuted at 9:30 p.m. Dyrdek’s new show was a tough act to follow, but the second all-new show disappointed high expectations.

“CollegeHumor,” a comedy website, targets the college-age internet surfer.

This adult-version of “America’s Funniest Videos” would encourage laughs from any online navigator. Unfortunately, the new MTV-show is dissimilar from the beloved website.

Created in 1999, Jakob Lodwick, Josh Abramson, and Ricky Van Veen started the CollegeHumor website in hopes of creating an “advertisement-based business.” Site traffic over 4-million hits a month seems to support their claim to success.

The new television program however deviates from the website’s successful recipe.

See MTV page 13


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“The CollegeHumor Show’s” first episode offers viewers less slapstick shenanigans and a more sitcom based style. The laughs were few and far in between.

The humor was definitely aimed towards college-aged viewers by showing a fake college documentary and an epic beer pong game.

Variation from accurate pong rules also help the show to lose credibility and safely secure “CollegeHumor” as the least watchable of the new shows.

Perhaps the most exciting of the new programs, “Nitro Circus” combines the gravity defying stunts of Travis Pastrana with the classic humor of MTV’s hit show “Jackass.” Produced by Johnny Knoxville, “Nitro Circus” is an action-packed thirty minute gem.

X-Game gold medalist, Travis Pastrana leads the all-new cast in thrill-seeking.

The show opens with a giant slip-n-slide in the woods behind Pastrana’s house.

Some runs are smoother than others on the “Slip-n-Bleed”, but laughs ensue when the expected happens and sliders run into each other and unforgiving trees.

Pastrana also thrills the audience by sky-diving from a plane without a parachute. Other death-defying stunts include motor-bikes, big wheels, tricycles and a variety of ramps. Many impressive landings were made, but the crashes will keep viewers tuned in. “Nitro Circus” has captured the comedy that “Jackass” originated and competes with Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory” for best show of the night.

Closing the night out, “How’s Your News” gives mentally and physically handicapped journalists the opportunity to interview people across the country.

Tastefully done, viewers share laughs with the cast of interviewers.

Guest stars include Sarah Silverman, John Stamos and Jimmy Kimmel.

The “HYN” team venture to the beach and the red carpet to interview a number of people on a variety of issues including the legalization of marijuana, Grammy expectations and life in Los Angeles. The show concludes on the red carpet at the Grammy’s with the team interviewing stars like Hannah Montana, Kermit the Frog and Wolfgang Puck.

MTV’s new Sunday lineup looks to capture the college-age viewers that previously saved Sunday night for football. Occurring the Sunday after the Super Bowl, MTV’s good timing should encourage new viewers including myself.

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