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A twenty-first birthday is an exciting time in most people’s lives. When a person turns 21, she/ he is excited to finally be able to go out to the bars and drink legally. In West Chester, there are plenty of bars to choose from to make that special night awesome.Fifteen North, located at 15 North Walnut St., has live entertainment six nights a week, and as for their drink specials, there is no where in West Chester that can beat them. There are 50 cent well drinks and drafts on Monday nights, 50 cent Coors Light drafts and $1.50 well drinks Tuesday and Thursday nights and Wednesday nights feature $3 Corona bottles and $2 well drinks.

For the weekends, they have 25 cent well drinks and drafts until 9 p.m. and $2.50 Blue Moon pints from 8 p.m. to midnight. Saturday specials are $2 Red Stripe through midnight and $1.50 Miller Light pints 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Mike Dempsey, 15 North owner, said that every week they usually have a beer or liquor team in to promote, which usually means free samples and freebies like key chains and t-shirts.

“We are the only bar in the center of town that proudly states that we are a college bar, and we’re damn proud of it.” Dempsey said. “We are here for the college crowd, and we are the only venue in town, other than Rex’s [Bar] made for live entertainment. We have the best specials in town. We’ve also said for the past 12 years, if you find a better special in town, we’ll beat it. It’s never happened in the 12 years I’ve been here.”

One of the newest bars in town is Barnaby’s of America, located at 15 South High St. Barnaby’s is not only a bar, but a restaurant as well.

“West Chester is definitely one of the best places for restaurants and bars in the country if you look at the area distribution information,” General Manager Frank Herron said. “We have entertainment every night, which includes acoustic acts, DJs, bands, karaoke and Quizzo. We also have several games, a pool table, interactive Internet capabilities and multiple televisions with all sports programming available.”

According to Herron, Barnaby’s has different promotion teams in from beer, liquor or food companies doing fun and exciting things for the customers almost every week.

Herron explained how they love being in such a competitive town with so many bars around, and it makes them work harder and “Try and please our customers with extra vigor.”

Herron also explained how he is fully aware that people go out to spend money and as much as he wants them to come to his bar to spend their money, he is friends with the other bar owners and realizes sometimes it’s nice to change locations and enjoy other bars.

“Barnaby’s is a great place to go because the people who work here are the same people from town, and we know the locals want fun and relaxation,” Herron said. “Barnaby’s is the place for friends to meet and eat.”

Located on East Market Street, Coyote Crossing has a rooftop bar and hip-hop dance music, which is what sets Coyote Crossing apart from the other bars. The specials are very competitive, and the DJs hired some of the best around.

Coyote Crossing only offers drink specials on the weekends, and with no cover from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., Friday and Saturday nights are the nights to get them. There are $2 well drinks and $2 specials on Southern Comfort and lime, Washington Apples shots, Miller Light, Coors Light and Bud Light Bottles. $3 Coronas are also available.

The newest edition to the bar scene in West Chester is Landmark Americana, which is on West Gay Street.

“Our decor, food quality, beer and liquor selection, and entertainment is what is different from the other bars in West Chester,” Dave Goldman, one of the owners, said. “When we designed the place, we attempted to use things that most people hadn’t seen before, including the artwork on the walls, the bar tops, all of the TVs, the acid-stain floors and unique light fixtures.”

Landmark Americana offers 21 different draft beers and nearly 50 different vodkas. Pop music and dance music are played Thursday through Saturday nights, with the pop music playing upstairs and the dance music downstairs.

Landmark has daily drink specials. Mondays they have $2 margaritas and Coronas, Tuesday through Saturday they have $2 beers either Blue Moon, Miller Light, Coors Light or Bud Light. Tuesday through Friday they also have $20 Towers, which is a keg for a group of people to share, which is another aspect that sets Landmark apart from most other bars in town. On weekends the specials vary.

Goldman also noted “I think there’s a lot of competition in town,” Goldman said. “There are a considerable number of great bars and restaurants. There is also a great market for all of us in the area.”

Katie Moyer is a fourth-year student majoring in professional studies with minors in health sciences and journalism. She can be reached at

Note: The Quad does not condone the consumption of alcholic beverages by any student under the age of 21. The publishing of this article in no way affiliates The Quad with any the establishments featured above. Please drink responsibly.

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