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Have you ever been to a psychic and had your fortune told? How about having a caricature done? On Tuesday, Oct. 9, West Chester University students did just that at Sykes Student Union. The Student Activities Council (SAC) combined these two events into one. Three tarot card readers gave appraisals to students in the ballrooms, while outside, a caricature artist had a long line of students eager to get their portrait done. These activities were offered to the students at no charge.

Tarot cards have been traced back to the 15th century, but have been used for telling the future for centuries by Italians. The first widely publicized record of foretelling the future by using the cards was by a Frenchman named Alliette, or “Etteilla,” during the French Revolution.

The decks come in several forms, but the same principles apply to each deck. Also, “spreads” are the way the cards are laid out to tell the future. There are set spreads, but some tarot card readers make up their own.

There were three tarot card readers present, and each reader did their own spread and used their own deck of cards. Tarot card readers normally charge anywhere from $20 to $40 for their readings, so having no charge is a luxury.

The caricature artist managed to produce realistic caricatures in limited time. Once again, getting a caricature done of one’s self tends to be expensive, so this was another luxury SAC offered for no charge.

“I’ve done this for a very long time,” the artist said. “It’s not that it’s boring anymore, but relaxing because I don’t have to think too much. It comes naturally.”

Several students walked away with caricatures resembling them to an accurate degree.

“The psychic fair and caricature artist were really awesome,” first-year student Virginia Smith said. “My tarot card reading was creepily accurate, and my caricature was very cool.”

Overall, the free SAC event proved to be a success due to the outpour of students that formed the long lines for each activity and from the positive responses from the students.

The next free SAC event will occur on Monday, Oct. 22 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Sykes Ballrooms. It will be an Xbox 360 Video Game Tour and will feature the latest video games. This is another free event for all students with a Ram E-Card.

SAC is run and funded by students and provide for entertainment to come to West Chester University, such as the Emerson Drive and Blessid Union of Souls performances. They are also responsible for bringing the movies that are shown in the theater of Sykes to our campus.

For more information on how to join SAC, visit their office in 236A Sykes or attend one of their weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. in 255 Sykes.

Jenn Halligan is a first-year student majoring in English education with a minor in Spanish. She can be reached at

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