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The most important part of a novel is that the reader can relate to it and this novel has that. 

Nicholas Sparks’s novel “Best of Me” is about high school sweethearts whom get separated because of their family issues and find themselves brought back together by the death of the man who helped them hide their love. 

When the two meet again at the place where their love started, they realize that they have never stopped loving one another. 

Nicholas Sparks takes readers through twists and turns of the two rediscovering their love for one another and how life is never as easy as it is often imagined to be. This novel will have the reader in tears by the end, and hanging on every single word until one gets there.

This novel is truly amazing. The level of emotion that Sparks is able to instill in the reader is fantastic. He instantly draws the reader in following the story of two sweethearts and their first love, something most readers will be able to relate to. He takes the audience on their journey of rediscovery and presents the challenges to the readers instead of watching the journey unfold from the sideline.  

Sparks, once again, produces a work of art, in the form of “Best of Me.” His one downfall throughout all of his novels would be that they are getting predictable —  two people fall in love and then lose their love. 

The one thing that makes his novels so successful is that while the plot is predictable, he makes the characters so interesting that he leaves the reader wanting more.

Jacqueline Valentino is a fourth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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